Nod Death Squad (Mission 15)

The objective for the final mission is to destroy the Advanced Communication Center. Take your Stealth Tanks and send them to the outside of the GDI base in the north east of the map. You have a few other units which you can use to cause a distraction.

Send your Stealth Tanks around to the east and then north. Destroy the cement barriers in that corner so you can get through to the north.

While your Stealth Tanks are getting into position make sure you deal with the GDI units as quickly as possible. Eventually they’ll send their entire army to the south. If they don’t, use the Stealth Tanks to attack the Power Plant a few times until the GDI forces go hunting for the culprits.

With the GDI forces heading south, send your Stealth Tanks beyond the GDI base to the north. Position them on the eastern side of the Advanced Communications Center, out of range of the Advanced Guard Tower, and take out the center. The GDI forces will be too far away to do anything about it.

Congratulations on completing the Covert Operations for Command & Conquer!

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