Hostile Takeover (Mission 13)

Your objective is to reclaim your damaged base in the north west and then destroy the GDI base in the north east. You start the mission with 4 Rocket Infantry and a Flame Tank.

Finding the Nod Base

Use your Rocket Infantry to shoot down the church across the river. Under it you’ll find a money crate which you can pick up later.

Use the Rocket Infantry to take down the Medium Tank blocking the bridge to the west. To the north of the bridge you’ll find a Hand of Nod and Communications center. Sell the Communications Center and use the funds to train an Engineer.

Take the Flame Tank to the South West and destroy the Guard Towers. Bring the Flame Tank back to the guard the bridge. Use Rocket Infantry to break down the fence and then take a Chinook with your Engineer. Put your infantry on board and take it north to your base.

Infiltrating the GDI Base

Build a Power Plant and Hand of Nod. Place a Turret on the eastern side of your base with the Rocket Infantry. A Mammoth Tank will arrive sooner or later and make a beeline for your Chinook.

Put 5 Rocket Infantry on the Chinook and take them over to where you destroyed the church. Grab the money crate and just leave them there. Send the Chinook back and load it up with 3 Engineers and 2 Minigunners. Take the Engineers over to where the church was as well.

Take one Minigunner forwards to reveal the 2 Guard Towers and then destroy them with your Rocket Infantry. Do the same thing again for the next 2 Guard Towers. Destroy the Rocket Launcher and then send in the Engineers to take over the Power Plant, Construction Yard and the Refinery with the Harvester in it.

Build a Hand of Nod and begin taking over the rest of the base. Use Turrets to protect against Tanks and the Guard Towers. Take over the Weapon’s Factory and have a Turret ready to destroy the Guard Towers in the north.

Take over the entire base and then send out your forces to destroy all the remaining GDI to win the mission.

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