Cloak & Dagger (Mission 12)

One of your MCVs has been captured. Reclaim the MCV and then remove all GDI forces from the area.

Take your Stealth Tank to the north west until you find the 2 GDI Mammoths. Sneak past them but don’t go into the base. Work your way around anti-clockwise to the northern entrance of the base. Bring the Stealth Tank into the base and while staying as far away from the Advanced Guard Towers as possible free the MCV.

Deploy the MCV, build a Power Plant and then sell it. Build a hand of Nod and train an Engineer. Build a Turret. Take over the Power Plant to the left of the Hand of Nod and place the Turret next to it. Use the Stealth Tank to help take out the central Advanced Guard Tower.

The Stealth Tank should be able to carefully destroy the northern guard towers as well. Take over the Construction Yard and the rest of the Power Plants to disable the Advanced Guard Towers.

Build a Refinery to the north of the base and then a second refinery once the base is clear.

Build an Airstrip and start producing Small Tanks. Take out the rest of the Guard Towers. Have a few Turrets in the center of your base to help deal with the Mammoth Tanks when they make their move.

Send your tanks out to clear out the rest of the map to complete the mission.

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