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Mission 2

Your objective in this mission is to defend the barracks, build a base and then build up a large force to destroy the NOD presence in the area.

Once again this mission won’t be too difficult. Take out the last NOD infantryman and then repair the Barracks. You start with 3 Hum Vees and some infantry. In a few moments 3 Engineers will arrive. Keep them safe until you’re ready to take over the NOD base.

In a few seconds the MCV will arrive. Move it north near to the Barracks and deploy it to setĀ up your base. Start by building a Power Plant and continue training new Minigunners.

Send 10 or so Minigunners and a Hum Vee down around the rocks to the west and up to the tiberium fields. You’ll find the NOD Harvester here. Take it down to prevent the NOD forces from replenishing.

Send your forces to the north of your base and clear out the area of any NOD forces. Move into the NOD base and take down the buildings. You can send your Engineers behind your force to capture buildings rather than destroying them.

With the NOD forces destroyed it’s time for your next mission.

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