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Mission 2: Knock Out that Refinery

Your objective in this mission is to defend the barracks, build a base and then build up a large force to destroy the NOD presence in the area. You’ll begin with your Barracks under attack. The Minigunners and Light Scouts should finish off the enemy quickly. In a few seconds you’ll be give 3 Engineers and an MCV. Keep the Engineers alive until you find the NOD base.

Move the MCV north near to the Barracks and deploy it. Start by building a Power Plant and continue training Minigunners. When you have a dozen or so Minigunners send them up north with the Light Scouts to launch a strike at the NOD base. When the coast is more or less clear run the Engineers in to take over the NOD buildings. One Engineer can be used to take over one building.

Wipe out any remaining NOD forces. With the enemy destroyed it’s time for your next mission.

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