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Mission 3

The objective of this mission is to destroy all of the SAM sites so you get access to airstrikes and then destroy all the NOD forces. You’ll only get access to airstrikes in this, and all future missions, when all of the SAM sites are destroyed.

Move north and destroy the NOD forces. Deploy your MCV and start your base. ¬†Build a Power Plant, Refinery and Barracks. There’s ¬†Tiberium fields to the north and east of your base.

There are four SAM sites to find. The first is just north of the Tiberium field to the east. Send a small force of Grenadiers to take it down.

The second SAM site is on a ridge just to the north-east of your base. Clear out the NOD forces and take down the SAM site. You may find the NOD Harvester working the Tiberium field here. If you have the forces destroy it to delay the production of NOD forces. Be careful if you do attack the Harvester as the NOD commander will send all available NOD forces down to protect it.

Send a Hum Vee out to explore the rest of the map. The third SAM site is on a ridge further to the east of the second one. If you send your Grenadiers around the east side of the Tiberium field you can mostly avoid having them run through the fields and taking damage.

The NOD Base is to the north and the fourth SAM site is just to the west of it. Take out the last SAM site as you did the others. You’ll now have access to Airstrikes to help take out the NOD Base.

Run a Hum Vee into the base and back out again to expose the area. Target the Hand of Nod building with the Airstrikes to stop them building infantry. Then run it with all of your troops and destroy the rest of the base.

With that done the mission will be over and you’ll have a choice of two locations, Poland or Belarus.

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