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Mission 3: Air Supremacy

The objective of this mission is to destroy all of the NOD forces. This can be made easier by destroying the SAM sites so you get access to airstrikes. You’ll only get access to airstrikes in this, and all future missions, when all of the SAM sites on the map are destroyed.

Move north and destroy the NOD forces. Deploy your MCV and start your base. ¬†Build a Power Plant, Refinery and Barracks. There’s ¬†Tiberium fields both to the east and the north of your base.

There are four SAM sites to find. The first is just north of the Tiberium field to the east. Send a small force of Grenadiers to take it down. The sescond and third SAM site is on the cliff to the north of the first. The final SAM site is on the cliff on the western side of the NOD base.

You might find the NOD Harvester working the Tiberium field to the south of the NOD base. Be careful if you attack the Harvester as the NOD commander will send all available NOD forces down to protect it.

Unfortunately you can’t manufacture vehicles in this mission but there’s lots of Tiberium so you can train a massive army of infantry.

Send them north into the NOD base and take out as many units as you can. If you’re lucky you might be able to get an Engineer in to take over the Refinery or Construction Yard. If not use your infantry to take them out.

Finish off any remaining buildings and enemy troops to complete the mission. With that done you’ll have a choice of three locations.

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