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Mission 9: No Mercy

You begin on the eastern side of the map with a single Commando. You need to use him to rescue some of the other Nod forces and to find the abandoned base.

Send the Commando west and then north across the bridge until you find the Rocket Troopers. Head back south and then continue east. You’ll need to take out a Medium Tank and then a Light Scout further to the north. Cross the next bridge to the north to rescue the 2 Engineers. Destroy the Church in the village for a crate with 2000 Credits.

Send all your units to the base to the south and take over the Power Plant and the Refinery once the Harvester has docked.

Build a second Refinery, Hand of Nod, SAM Site, Turret for defences and then an Airstrip. Build Tanks, Jeeps and the new Flame Tank. Send them to the GDI base to the northeast. Bring a tank to the south east side of the GDI base and break through the wall. Send your Tanks through this wall to avoid the Advanced Guard Towers.

Destroy the GDI Construction Yard and Power Plants. This should render the Advanced Guard Towers useless. Destroy the remaining GDI structures and units to copmlete the mission.

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