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Mission 12: Steal the Codes

GDI are testing a new orbital Ion Cannon. Your mission is to infiltrate the GDI base and capture the Advanced Communications Center. You don’t need to destroy all GDI forces, just capture the center.

You begin with 5 vehicles plus an MCV. Move the vehicles north and then west until you come across the 2 Mammoths guarding the crossing. Use the MCV to get the Mammoths attention then draw it away. The other vehicles should be able to destroy the Mammoths without being targeted.

Go over the crossing to the west and bring your MCV with you. Deploy your MCV near the Tiberium field to the north west. Quickly build the usual base and place a Cannon to the north west edge to defend against GDI attacks. You’ll want to replace it with an Obelisk once you have the money. Build another Refinery to the north to take advantage of the Tiberium field in the northwestern corner of the map.

The GDI base is in the north eastern side of the map and there are two entrances, from the west and the south. There will be a lot of GDI vehicles, including Mammoth Tanks patrolling this area. Kite them back to the Obelisk near your base to deal with them quickly.

The Construction Yard is on the western side and looks like a juicy target. If you destroy the Guard Towers and the cement wall you can easily get an Engineer in take take over the Construction Yard. Sell it for cash and then work at taking over or destroying the other buildings.

The Advanced Communications Center is in the top right corner of the GDI base. Once you have the GDI Construction Yard you can send an Engineer across to take it over without alerting the GDI forces. Once you have the Advanced Communications Center the mission will be complete.

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