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Mission 4A: Convoy Interception

[Northern Chad]

The GDI forces are attempting to relocate a village. Your objective is to intercept the convoy and destroy it. There’s no base building in this mission. Instead you’re given a group of Nod forces that you need to keep alive for as long as possible.

Group together your forces and send them down the south path. Take out the Grenadiers and then the Light Scout. Continue south and then head along to the west. Take out the GDI forces guarding the bridge. Make sure you kill all the Civilians before any of them get away.

Head over the bridge and destroy the town and any left-over civilians. If the mission is not completed scout out to the north for any civilians.

Mission 4B: False Flag Operation

[Southern Chad]

The GDI are attacking a friendly village. It’s your job to take out the GDI forces and destroy an enemy village in return.

First take your forces and head west. Take a turn to the south, over the river crossing, and destroy the GDI troops on the other side. Watch out for the Medium Tank which is patrolling the area down here.

Continue south over another crossing and you should see the friendly village to the east. Kill the GDI soldiers and make your way around to the west and then north to the next village. Kill all hostile civilians to complete the mission.

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