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Mission 10A: Doctor Wong

[West Route – Angola]

Your objective in this mission is to eliminate the scientist, Dr. Wong. Keep your group together and move them to the north. Keep your Commando on the south side to pick off the Infantry that run up from behind.

Make your way to the top of the map to the north and then head around the lake to the east. Continue east until you can head to the south. Continue south until you come to the side of the GDI base. The scientist is in the Research Center to the south of the main base.

Use the Artillery to blow up the Research Center and Doctor Wong will run out. Use the Artillery or the Commando to deal with him to complete the mission.

Mission 10B: Belly of the Beast

[East Route – Tanzania]

You start the mission with some Infantry, an Engineer, Commando and Artillery. Use your Commando to scout as he has the longest range. Your goal is to destroy the Mammoth Tanks sitting in the GDI base to the south.

First move your Commando north to take out the Grenadeirs on the other side of the stream and bring your other troops around to the south. Use the Commando to take out the 4 Grenadiers to the east and then run back to the other units to the south. A Tank will move up to see what’s going on but won’t follow you around to the south.

Do a loop around to the east and then north to avoid the Tank. Take out the Grenadiers and Light Scout on the bridge and wait for the Mammoth Tank on patrol to turn around. Follow along behind it to the west.

Wait for the Mammoth Tank to drive over the bridge and patrol down to the east. Send your units south over the bridge and hide in the canyon to the south.

Continue south across a stream and then east into the GDI base. Take out the Weapon’s Factory and 3 Mammoths to complete the mission.

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