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Mission 8A: U.N. Sanctions (Austria)

[Left Route]

You start with a rather dilapidated base so the first thing you need to do is repair all of your buildings and vehicles. There’s a small Tiberium field to the west and a larger one to the north of your starting base.

NOD will send Artillery and Small Tanks to attack from the north so make sure you secure the southern side of the bridge. There’s also a crate of cash all the way to the west from your base and then north through the town just by the forest. It will give you 2,000 credits so it’s definitely worth grabbing.

This is a tough mission and you’ll need to be constantly replenishing your forces. Send out Light Scouts to explore the map. The path over the bridge to the north leads to a cliff overlooking the NOD Base. If you clear the way and send your Rocket Launchers up to the cliff you’ll be able to target the NOD Armory, Hand of NOD and many of the NOD units.

The entrance to the base is protected by 2 Gun Turrets. With the distraction from the Rocket Launchers up on the cliff you should easily be able to send an APC with Engineers through the front entrance and then west to the Construction Yard.

Either build a Barracks inside the NOD base or send in your forces to clear out the remaining buildings and units to complete the mission.

Mission 8B: Doctor Mobius (Slovakia)

[Right Route]

Mission 8B is the more difficult of the two missions as you’ll need to protect Doctor Mobius and make sure enough of the villagers survive. You can build next to the facility where Doctor Mobius is located and I highly recommend putting down some Sand Bags and Guard Towers to protect the villagers.

From the starting location unfold your MCV and start harvesting the Tiberium just to the east. Send out a second Harvester to gather the resources around the village.

You’ll need to send Tanks and Infantry to protect the two bridges to the north of the village. Make sure you have Rocket Infantry scattered around the village to stop NOD sending in Choppers to drop in their own Rocket Infantry.

This mission can get pretty messy quickly. Just remember to guard all the entrances to the village and have Rocket Infantry both east and north of the village to shoot down Choppers.

There are 2 NOD Bases. One to the northwest and the other to the northwest. Make sure you take out the base to the northwest first as this has the Construction Yard. Once all NOD forces and buildings have been destroyed the mission will be complete.

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