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Dr. Mobius is trapped in a GDI base. Your mission is to destroy all of the SAM sites so that a chopper can evacuate him. There are two different maps, Albania and Bulgaria, although the mission objective remains the same.

Mission 12A: Saving Doctor Mobius

[Left Route – Albania]

You begin this mission with a small GDI base to the south. Start by repairing all of your buildings and the Guard Towers. Park your vehicles in between the Guard Towers to protect the base. Send a unit to annoy the Flame Tank and kite it back to your base so the Guard Towers and your Mammoth Tank can destroy it.

Build as many Engineers as you can at this stage and load them into the APCs. Drive the Mammoth Tank and a few other vehicles north, taking out the Nod forces as you go. You just want to clear as much of the area as possible so the APCs can make it into the Nod base without being destroyed.

Once your vehicles reach the river crossing they have gone far enough. Send your APCs across the river crossing to the north. Once you see the Tiberium field go west into the Nod base. Unload your engineers and take over the Construction Yard, Airfield and any other buildings you can get your hands on. Sell them all.

Now that the Nod base has been crippled they shouldn’t pose much of a threat and you can take out the SAM sites easily. There are 3 SAM sites near your base, on the other side of the river, one in the north-eastern corner of the map and 2¬†outside the southern wall of the Nod base.

Once you have the SAM sites destroyed a chopper can pick up Dr. Mobius and complete the mission.

Mission 12A: Saving Doctor Mobius

[Right Route – Bulgaria]

Begin by repairing all of your buildings and then building an APC and Engineers, the same as the left route walkthrough. This time it’s going to be a little more difficult to get into the Nod base as there are too many units inside.

Take your Mammoth Tank and other vehicles to hunt down their Harvester, which should be in the fields to the south west of the Nod base. Once the Nod forces counterattack the way should be clear to send in your APC. Drive it to the far eastern side of the base and let out your Engineers. Take over the Construction Yard, Power Plant and Airfield. If these buildings are in danger of being destroyed sell them. If not, quickly build a Barracks and pump out some units to destroy the Refinery and enemy Barracks.

With the Nod base crippled you should have no problem destroying the SAM sites. There are 4 to the north of your base, one in the north next to a Turret and 2 in the Nod base.

With the SAM sites destroyed Dr. Mobius can be evacuated.

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