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Dramatic Fanatic is not as dramatic as the name suggests. You’ll be facing off against an actress called Sally Stageplay. This boss fight is found at the entrance to the theatre in the north.

Phase 1: The Bride

For the first phase it’s just you and Sally although she will try a few different tricks to damage you. The attacks include: a Spin Kick where Sally jumps into the air and then makes a spinning downard kick towards you. A Teleport Slam where Sally will disappear into her umbrella and then reappear above you before trying to drop down and crush you. Sally may stop and blow you a Kiss. It’s a pink heart that will move up and down towards you but you can parry it to build your special meter. The last attack is the Fan Toss. She’ll throw a fan in your direction that will land on the ground. The fan will damage you if you touch it.

This phase is not too tough considering what you’ve already been through. Just keep your distance and continue shooting until the background changes for the second phase.

Phase 2: Motherhood

Two of the attacks in this phase remain the same, the Spin Kick and the Fan Toss. She also has two other attacks. The first is the Bottle Toss where two babies will appear in the windows and try to drop bottles of milk on you. The second is the Windup Mice where mice will drop down to the floor, walk up the walls and onto the roof and then try to drop down on your head.

Avoid Sally’s attacks and keep shooting at her until the background changes again for the next phase.

Phase 3: The Goddess

This time Sally is suspended from a rope and her attacks are completely different. Watch the sign in the top left corner because it will tell you which attack is coming next.

Meteor: A meteor falls down from the stage ceiling. You can shoot the meteor to open it and reveal a pink star which you can parry.

Lightning: A series of lightning strikes will lower down from the ceiling. Keep moving because they’ll be directed towards where you were standing when they first appear on the screen.

Big Wave: This wave is really big. A stage hand will carry a big wave across the stage. You’ll need to jump to your full hight and dash over the top of it to avoid taking any damage.

Sally will continue to cycle through these three attacks. Learn how to avoid each of them and continue shooting at Sally until the next phase begins.

Phase 4: Curtains

Sally is now suspended from the top of the screen moving left and right. The umbrella is now spinning on the floor and will chase you wherever you go. You’ll need to jump over the umbrella when it gets too close and run to the other side of the screen while continuing to shoot Sally. The crowd will be throwing Roses onto the stage which you’ll also need to avoid. Once Sally has taken enough damage she’ll be knocked out.

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