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The Phantom Express is the last boss fight for Inkwell Isle 3. It’s available after completing the Dramatic Fanatic level. The battle takes place over 3 phases.

Phase 1: The Spectre

The spectre comes out of the window at the rear of the train and releases eyeballs that float towards you. You can shoot or avoid them. To make matters worse a flying pumpkin will drop pink bricks onto the pink valves of the rail car. If they hit the rail car will move forwards or backwards, depending on which valve was hit. You can parry slap the pink valves to move the rail car manually.

Try to stay away from the spectre, shooting the eyballs as well as the boss until he’s been defeated.

Phase 2: Skeletal Conductor

A giant skeleton emerges from the middle of the train. You need to keep shooting its head while avoiding its hands which will try to crush you. Parry slap the valves to stay under the head so you can continue shooting it. The flying pumpkins are still around and can really mess up your plan if they manage to move the rail car away from the skeleton’s head. Once the conductor has taken enough damage you’ll move to the second last phase.

Phase 3: Twin Pistons

The pistons will take turns attacking by sending out waves of electricity as they move along the track. The safe spots are in the far left or far right corners. From here you’re safe to attack the pistons. Little ghosts will fly towards you. When they’re killed they’ll drop a pink ball which if it hits the rail cars valve will move the rail car. Try to kill the ghosts when they’re not directly above the valves.

You’ll need to kill both pistons separately to defeat this boss.

Phase 4: Racing Locomotive

The front end of the train will start galloping like a horse. It has a pink light bulb for a tail. When you parry slap the pink light bulb the center opens revealing its heart for about 10 seconds. Shoot the heart to damage the boss.

There are two attacks you need to watch out for, Embers and Bone Rings. The locomotive will throw Bone Rings at you. Try to watch out for them while you’re attacking the heart. When the heart is revealed embers will fly out, giving one more thing to dodge.

Continue the process of parrying the pink light bulb tail and shooting the heart until the Phantom Express boss is finally defeated.

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