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Things You Wouldn’t Believe

Collectibles: 5

Ride the lift up and head through the door. Run around either to the right or left and then head up the stairs. Wall run on the panel and then use the ziplines. You’ll drop down onto a walkway.

Wait for the exploding spiders to get closer and then grapple onto the fence to fly past them

Grab the shuriken, wall run on the panel as you shoot the spiders and then go through the door. Grapple up to the central platform, turn around and zipline to the ledge with the collectible item, the Radio Collar.

Zipline back to the platform and continue across the other side, using the robots to get to the next ledge.

Head up the 3 sets of stairs and then climb into the vent. Drop down onto a platform on the other side.

In this room you’ll have a guard and machine gunner on the left and right sides and 2 guards in the center. Take out the guard and machine gunner on one of the sides, then the 2 central guards and finally clear out the other side. Use an skill such as tempest or blink if you’re having trouble with the first machine gunner.

Head through the door and then ride the zipline to the left. Turn around once you reach the platform and ride it back. Wall run around and up to the top of the platform where you’ll find another collectible, the Postcards.

Jump back to the zipline and continue with the next ziplines and wall runs until you come to a platform with 5 ninjas. Use tempest to get rid of a few of them at once and then block and slash at the others.

Head through the door to the next room. You’ll need to take out the shields first before dealing with the enemies below. Grapple up to the panels, wall run around to the center and take out the shields. Watch out for the guard up here.

Drop down to the ground and carefully deal with the robots and ninjas. Once the coast is clear grapple up to the ledge and go through the door.

This room has lots of ziplines. Make your way around using the ziplines and panels. Once you reach the top of one of the platforms zipline across to the next one and turn to the left. You’ll see some kind of machine on top.

Slide/jump and dash across to it and you’ll find the collectible sword, Chrome Izanami behind it. Grab it and jump back. Then take the next zipline across.

Zipline down to the clone guard. He’ll make clones of himself but you can see which is the real guard when you use sensory boost. When you take out the real guard the clones will be destroyed as well.

Jump across to the next ledge and go through the door. Grapple up to the right, drop down and take out another clone guard, turn around to deal with the ninja then grapple across to the other ledge for another clone guard. Watch out for the close combat enemy who’ll be jumping around here somewhere as well.

Grapple back to the other platform and wall run around and up. Eventually you’ll make your way around to a panel where you can drop down to the next door. Go through and get ready for another fight.

In this room there are 4 platforms in the corners, each with an enemy. Then there’s 2 clone guards on the ground.

Once you’ve killed them go through the next door and take the zipline to the right. This is a tricky zipline section but when you get to the electrified panels you can actually walk or crawl along the top of them to avoid the electricity.

When you zipline onto the top of a large container drop off the back of it for a jump boost. Jump up to the next larger container where you’ll find a collectible, Audiolog 7/7.

slide/jump and dash back to the previous container and then down to the door. In this room you’ll face hovering robots in the center and guards on the platforms in the corners. I found it easier to use Overlord on one of the robots first, then take out the other robots and the guards.

Once the enemy is clear head through the door and take the zipline. Make your way around to the platform with the jump boost. Boost up to another jump boost and the up to the grate in the center of another platform. Around the corner is a third jump boost. Use it to get up to the top of this platform where you’ll find a collectible Mantis X Implant.

Drop down to a lower section of this platform and grab the shuriken. Take the zipline and hit the 3 buttons to open the door as you go along.

The next room is pretty tricky. I like to use Overlord on the first machine gunner. Deal with any other machine gunners that survive and then take out the hovering robots.

Head through the door, grab the jump boost and boost up to the right. Grab the shuriken and hit the buttons as you ride along. Drop down and go through the door.

Use the wall runs and ziplines to make your way up and around to the next door. Head through and take the lift up to complete the level.

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