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An Awakening

Collectibles: 1

After the cutscene run forwards and climb up the wall where you see the yellow pipes. The yellow pipes, yellow mats and arrows will guide you where to go throughout the entire game.

Follow the only path available, using the side panels to wall run between gaps. When you see the enemy jump down towards him and strike with your katana.

Use the two side panels to wall run up to the next section. Jump across a gap and then you’ll be able to Dash through the spinning fan blades.

Jump and dash across the gap then wall run to the left. Make your way across the platforms to another ramp. As you jump off the ramp you’ll learn the Sensory Boost skill. This will let you slow down time so you can dodge bullets or other enemies.

Follow the yellow pipes up to another room with a ramp on the left and a wall run on the right. I find it easier to slide down the ramp first to take out the enemy below. Then take out the enemy to the right and turn right again to take out the third enemy. It should be fairly easy to dodge their bullets with Sensory Boost.

Wall run across the yellow wall and climb up where you see the yellow pipes. Slide down the next ramp and use Dash if you need to make it across large gaps.

In the next section there’s a series of three platforms with an enemy on each. Use wall run and then sensory boost to take them out one-by-one.

Slide under the pipes and use the 2 yellow panels to make it over to a walkway. Turn around and wall run on the second panel to make it up to a pipe. Just around to the left you’ll find the first collectible, a Butterfly Knife.

Wall run back across the yellow panel and slide down the ramp. Make the wall runs to another ramp and take out the Guard below. There are another 4 Guards in this room so use the wall runs and the sensory boost to take them all out.

Once you’ve killed them the exit door will be unlocked. Go through and ride the lift to end the level.

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