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The Monster

Collectibles: 0

For this level you’ll be entirely in the Cybervoid. The fist section involves jumping and dashing between the vertical panels. Running along the panels for a second or two helps you to gain height when you jump off.

The second section is similar but the panels will be moving towards you. Once again jump and dash to each of the panels and wall run for a brief moment before pushing off again. Eventually you’ll get a jump boost up to a pit with moving platforms and red balls. Dodge past the balls and make your way to the other side.

You’ll take boost up to another section with wall runs. Make your way past them and then through the corridors with the red balls. Use the sideways dash or sensory boost to avoid them.

Once you reach the other side you’ll boost up to the Architect and take him down. Congratulations on completing Ghostrunner!

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