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A Look Inside

Collectibles: 1

For this level you’ll learn how to use the Grappling Hook. When you get out of the elevator turn right and use the grappling hook to make it across the gap.

Make your way to the next grappling hook and down the ramp. Wall run across the gap and grapple up to the next ledge. Make sure you duck under the spinning blades!

Wall run and grapple across the large gap and then slide down the ramp. In the next room you’ll face guards on various ledges. You can go left or right but you’ll need to make it to the ledge with the yellow pipes opposite.

Once you’re up on this ledge turn to the right and you’ll see a collectible, the Propaganda Flyer.

Grapple up to the corridor and duck under the pipes. In the next room you’ll need to take out 5 Guards to unlock the exit door. Use Sensory Boost to avoid the gunfire.

Through the exit door you’ll find a panel. Interact with it and you’ll enter the Cybervoid.


This part of the level is much easier than the outside world. Follow the Architect and then the passages around as they appear.

When you enter the room with all the Ghostrunner statues use the jump boost t make your way up. You’ll need to break a series of white barriers to release the keys so you can progress.

This section is fairly straightforward and it’s more about the dialogue between you and the Architect. Once you reach the top of the tower jump off to complete the level.

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