Once the cut-scene ends you’ll be back at the headquarters. Pick up the Arm from the corpse and then the Photo from the bin. Talk to Meche and you two will work out a plan. Look at the monitor to see the arms dealer.

Use the radio for a laugh and then give the Note with the threat on it to the pigeon and then give the Photo to the pigeon. The pigeon will fly off to deliver the message.

Exit the headquarters and you’ll take the Remote from Glottis. Walk up the ladder and then go up the next ladder. Walk to the bottom of the steps to listen in on the conversation between the two actors.

Grab the Coffee Pot and then climb up the ladder just to the left of the two actors. Pour the Coffee over the two actors below. Climb back down the ladder. Put the Coffee Pot back where you found it and climb up the ladder again. Look at the snow machine and use the Arm on the grinder. Pick up the Grinder which now has the arm in it.

Walk down the ladder and go through the door on the right. Manny will get a makeover. Walk down the ladder and enter the casino on the right. Walk to the central area and speak with the guy wearing a trench coat. Speak with him again. Try to speak with Meche but she won’t recognize you. Speak to Meche again. This time she pulls a white sheet over Charlie. Talk to the agent and he’ll climb into the slot machine.

Once Charlie leaves with Meche enter into the men’s toilet to wear his suite. Leave the casino and and walk down the screen. Use the Grinder to make “snow”. Where it touches the sproutella flowers will grow. Walk across to the right and use the Grinder around the cave entrance. Once you’ve uncovered enough of the tracks Manny and Glottis will enter the cave together.

When you come to the alligator move the car forwards as far as you can. Use the Remote to lift the car up. Exit the car and walk along the edge to the end. Step out onto the ladder and the alligator will turn around.

Climb back up to the ledge and use the Remote to lower the car and squash the alligator’s tail. Continue down the tunnel and you’ll come to a florist’s shop.  Enter the shop and use the Scythe on the scarab beetle above the door. Enter the shop again and you’ll automatically be given a Sprouter and some Sproutella.

Go back to the casino and speak with the guard standing in front of the lift. He’ll ask you a question. The answer is the most recent number on the keno board behind you. If you fail you can try again.

Walk down the screen and talk to Celso and his wife. Convince them to take up the deal with Hector. When they enter through the large door follow them through.

After the cut-scene walk to the right along the ledge. You’ll notice a crack in the concrete connecting the building with the sign.

First use the Grinder on the cement to put some bone fragments in there and then use the can of Sproutella. The cement will crack further and the sign will fall. Climb up the ladder and watch the cut-scene.

Run up the hill to the greenhouse and enter through the front door. When you get shot with slow-acting sproutella use Liquid Nitrogen on the wound.

Run back to the car, enter the car and speak with Salvador. After Olivia interupts you and gets killed by Salvador open the suitcase to grab Salvador’s Ticket.

Head up the hill and walk behind the greenhouse while holding Salvador’s Ticket. You need to use it to find Salvador’s body. It will flap when you are getting close. Keep walking around and look closely at Manny’s arm as it will point the way to the body when you are getting close. The exact location is shown in the picture below.

When you uncover the body search it for a Key. Run back to the car and use the Key to unlock the trunk. Walk towards the water tower and use the Sprouter to shoot the tower. Enjoy the final cut-scene!

Congratulations on completing such a difficult game! If you liked Grim Fandango Remastered be sure to check out the other adventure games such as Day of the Tentacle Remastered and Syberia 3.