Walk down the stairs to the bottom and open the coffin. Bruno, the guy you packed up in El Marrow jumps out. He runs off in a huff and throws the Mug at you.

Walk back up the stairs and Meche will call to you. After the cut-scene talk the Mayan Statue. Enter the door and walk to the bottom of the screen. Speak with Chepito, the strange little guy with the lanter, and he’ll walk off. Leave the building and try to walk down the stairs. The Mayan Statue will give you a Note. Read the Note.

Walk down one set of stairs and enter the doorway. Glottis has passed out and little mechanics are trying to help him. Enter the kitchen on the ground floor. Open the drawer and the right and grab a Rag. Leave the kitchen and use the Rag on the can of oil. Enter the kitchen and use the Rag on the toaster.

Grab another Rag from the drawer. Leave the kitchen and use the Rag on the oil can once more. Enter the kitchen. Put the Mug on the mug holder and place the Rag in the toaster. This time the mechanics will see the power of the stuffing used for the coffins and you’ll take off in a rocket.


The Bone Wagon has been booby trapped so you can’t get closer to it just yet. Go to the Docks and talk to Velasco. When he leaves pick up the Ship in a Bottle. Leave and go back to the Tattoo Parlour. Open the shelf on the right and Manny will find a bottle of Liquid Nitrogen. Leave and go to the Blue Casket.

Walk to the back of the restaurant and enter the kitchen. Have a look at the keg. It’s filled with gelatin. Use the Ship in a Bottle on the gelatin. Leave the kitchen and Olivia will have a chat with you.

Go back to Glottis and give him the Ship in a Bottle. He’ll drink the gelatin and go back to drink the rest of it. When he comes back talk to him again and he’ll throw up all of the gelatin over the dominoes. Enter the building and use the Liquid Nitrogen on the dominoes. Walk over it and use the explosives at the back of the bone wagon. You’ll take a trip to Nuevo Marrow.

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