Walk to the right and speak with Glottis. When he throws his heart away run after it. Pick up a Bone from the pile of bones and throw it into the web. Use your Scythe on the bone in the web to fling the heart free. Go back to Glottis, pick up the Heart and pick it back in his chest.

Glottis will walk in with a wheelbarrow. Grab the wheelbarrow and place it on one of the pipes leading towards the strange tree. The goal is to make the two pumps on left side of the tree move together. The pumps on the right side of the tree should also move together but alternate with those on the left side. You can do this by placing the wheelbarrow on one of the pipes which will stop the pump for a short moment. If you play around with it and just focus on one pump at a time you’ll get it eventually, or watch the video above. You’ll know you have it right when the tree starts to sway.

Pull the switch to turn the machine off. Glottis will climb up to the top. Once he’s dangling from the top turn the machine on again. The tree will fall down and Glottis will use the parts to upgrade his car.

Hop out of the car by using the Exit button at the bottom right side of the screen. Take the Sign from where Glottis first lost his heart. Exit out the top left of the screen.

You’ll end up in an open area with tunnels all around. There is a secret tunnel that you need to find. Place the Sign down anywhere in the open area. The sign will spin around and point in a certain direction. Pick up the sign and place it closer to where the arrow was pointing. Continue this process until you find the right location and a secret hatch will lift up. Walk down and pick up the Key dangling from a sign.

Head back to Glottis and drive the car to the exit in the top right of the screen. Open the green door and go through to the skull bridge. The little fiery creatures may scare you away the first time you try.

Pick up 3 Bones from the skull bridge and walk down the path to the left. Throw a Bone into the tar. Use the Fire Extinguisher and turn it on by pressing the button in the bottom right of the screen. The fiery creature will dive in after the bone and get extinguished. Repeat this another 2 times for the other 2 fiery creatures. The bridge should now be clear.

Go back to Glottis and use the Key on the lock on the left. You’ll drive over the bridge and arrive in Rubacava.


After walking up the stairs walk to the right. Manny will fall off the platform into the sea and be rescued by the harbour master. Walk up the stairs and enter the building. Speak with the cleaner Celso until he gives you a Photo of his wife. Return to the harbour master, whose now speaking with Glottis and he’ll give you his Log Book. Return to Celso and show him the Log Book. He’ll run off in search of his wife and leave you in charge of the hotel.

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