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Now that you’ve made it to the forest walk across to the left. Eventually you’ll come across a series of trees with their square foliage appearing and disappearing. Time your jumps across them to the other side.

Drop down the next cliff to meet a strange little stone creature with leaves growing out of his head. He’ll run off to the left so follow him in that direction.

At the next gap you’ll see some trees changing shape. You’ll need to time your jumps and make your way up and to the left.

Continue to the left to the next set of trees. This is where you can find the first memento. Make your way up the trees to the top and then to the large tree to the left. Just before the memento you’ll land on a lower tree. Jump backwards and then onto the higher tree and over to the Memento.

Continue to the left, break the bridge and drop down to a tree below. When you land an Apple will drop down from the tree. The little forest friend will run up and eat it.

Apple Challenge

There are 8 apples in all. The first Apple #1 is found automatically when you drop down from the bridge. There’s another 2 dangling from trees to the left. Smash down on top of both of them for Apple #2 and Apple #3.

Jump up the trees and head over to the large tree to the left where you’ll find Apple #4. The rest of the apples will be pointed out as we continue with this walkthrough.

Once the Forest Friend has had his fill of apples go down to see him. He’s much friendlier now. He’ll run off and open up a path in the middle of the building.

Follow the Forest Friend down the tunnel into a cave with roots. Walk along to the left and stay on the forest floor so the Forest Friend can find Apple #5. Jump up the roots and head across to the left. You’ll need to make sure you jump on the lower roots so the Forest Friend can follow you. His jump is much smaller than yours. up the top of the cave the little creature will open up a path through the wall. Continue walking to the left.

Smash the next pillar so the Forest Friend can make it through. Walk just to the left to the large brown hill but don’t go too far. The Forest Friend will climb up to the top ledge. Go back to the right so he finds Apple #6.

Bring him back to the left until he drops onto the next pillar. Smash the ground and he’ll copy you, smashing the pillar so you can get through. Continue to the left and jump onto the next tree to smash it and release Apple #7. Jump onto the roof and drop into the building. Smash the ground and your little friend will copy you.

You’ll both need to break the next ledge and you’ll go sliding down a hill to the bottom. Walk a little to the left to find the Forest Friend and bring him back to the right for Apple #8. This will complete the Apples Challenge.

Run to the left until the Forest Friend drops down a hole in a log. Continue to the left until you reach a temple where you’ll gain a new ability. You need to find two stars to activate it. There’s one star to the left and one to the right.

You can take either path first. The path to the right takes you through a cave system which is fairly easy to navigate. At the end you’ll find the Forest Friend again and this time he has a Star for you. Walk through the wall to the left to take a shortcut back to the temple.

Take the path to the left. This star is more difficult to reach. The trees in this section change shape whenever you jump. Head across to the stairs and then jump across the first section of trees back to the right. Jump up the trees to the big tree and you should catch sight of the star above. You need to approach the star from the left side. When you jump towards it from the left the tree will disappear, revealing the Star behind it.

Now jump to the left for the next Memento. Once you have both the star and the memento jump across the trees to the right and head back to the temple. Gris will float up and gain another ability, the Double Jump. When you hold jump the second time Gris will jump and then float back to the ground.

The little red birds will propel Gris up to the next area. From now on whenever you do a double-jump onto the little red birds that will propel you upwards a short distance.

You’ll arrive at the base of a very large tree. Use your new found ability to double-jump your way to the top.

Use the little red birds at the top to propel you up to the next area.

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