Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Restoration of Erathia is a fantasy strategy game by New World Computing. It was released in 1999 for the PC, Mac and Linux. The following year two expansions were released, Armageddon’s Blade and The Shadow of Death.

King Gryphonheart of Erathia has been murdered and various factions want to seize control for themselves. The Queen’s daughter has returned and seeks to unite the Wizards and Elves to fight off the evil Dungeon Lords and Necromancers.

Each of the campaigns gives you a different point of view. It’s usually worth while spending a bit more time in the first map of the campaign to build up your heroes and give them more experience. Items and artifacts generally don’t stay with heroes as they progress through the campaign but they will keep their experience and spells.

Restoration of Erathia

Long Live the Queen
Dungeons and Devils
Spoils of War
Long Live the King
Song for the Father
Seeds of Discontent

Armageddon’s Blade

Armageddon’s Blade is the first expansion for Heroes of Might and Magic III. The kingdom of Erathia is attempting to rebuild after the Restoration Wars of the main campaign but the Kreegans have other plans. Queen Catherine must fend off the Kreegan army once again.

The six campaigns include a host of new characters such as the Bracadan Wizard Dracon, in Dragon Slayer, and the Barbarian Kilgor, in Festival of Life. It also introduces the 9th faction town, Conflux. The first campaign is a continuation of the main story while the other 5 follow other events that happen around the same time.

Armageddon’s Blade
Dragon’s Blood
Dragon Slayer
Festival of Life
Playing with Fire
Foolhardy Waywardness

The Shadow of Death

New Beginning
Elixir of Life
Hack and Slash
Birth of a Barbarian
Rise of a Necromancer
Unholy Alliance
Specter of Power