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Dungeons and Devils is the second campaign in the series and sees the forces of Eeofol unit with the Nighon to capture Steadwick, the capital of Erathia.

For the first two scenarios you’ll build up different sets of heroes. You’ll then get to choose which set of heroes you bring along for the final scenario. Make sure you take the time to build up at least 2 to 4 heroes for the final scenario.

A Devilish Plan

For this mission you must go to the underground and defeat the Gold Dragon. Up to 8 of your heroes can be selected for the final mission of this campaign. I choose the 100 Imps as the starting bonus to get a quick start.

Capture the town to the southwest and the logging cabin to the northwest. Then make your way to the west to capture the town in the corner. From here proceed up to the north east to capture the next 2 towns in a line.

You should be bringing up reinforcements every week and heading towards training Devils. There is a Hill Fort to the northwest of your starting castle that can be used to upgraded troops. Don’t bother with any of the castle upgrades.

Finally take over the last enemy castle in the northwest corner. From here gather your forces together and send them north to the entrance to the underground. Kill the Green Dragons guarding the entrance and go inside. If you want to finish quickly go south in the underground and defeat the Gold Dragon.


This is an easy scenario if you move quickly to take over the entire Underground area. You begin with a Dungeon on the southeast corner of the Underground. There are 4 more Dungeon towns but you are limited with the number of buildings you can construct.

Hire at least 4 heroes and send them out to explore the Underground. Fast track towards Black Dragons in your starting Dungeon. You’ll need to take over the other Dungeon towns to get enough gold.

Once you have a few Dragons send a hero up through the central cave to the Surface. From here it should be no trouble wiping out the enemy heroes and taking over the Red Towns and Castle.

Steadwick’s Fall

The objective for this mission is to capture the castle of Steadwick before three months is up. You begin in the southeast corner and have access to the Underground. This is a difficult mission so make sure you have high level heroes from a previous scenario.

You begin with a Dungeon, Castle and an Inferno. The Underground Dungeon is the best choice to build up as there is a source of Manticores and Red Dragons nearby.

Take over the Underground completely and then send an army to take over the Red Castle west of the Inferno and then the one further to the south. There are 2 Neutral Towns that you can capture in the southwest and northeast corners.

Explore the map to level up your heroes and then take out one of the Garrisons leading to the central town of Steadwick. Your hero should be at least 12+ in most or all stats. If you have trouble with the defending army you may need to send in one Black Dragon with a hero. Cast something like Armageddon, retreat and do it again. This will whittle down the army until you’re ready to take it out completely.

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