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Gem arrives in Enroth and begins collecting artifacts for Sandro who claims he wants to use them to fight against an evil necromancer. Gem will need to clear the border and then go after the amulet, cowl and boots. Gem controls the Rampart faction but you’ll also have access to the Necropolis from the enemy side.

Clearing the Border

To win the scenario Gem must defeat all enemies. She’s limited to level 10. You begin with a starting bonus of either 8 Crystals, 10 Wood and Ore or a Mage Guild in one starting town.

Within the first two weeks send your heroes out to take over the 2 Rampart towns to the northeast. During the 3rd week you may start to see enemy heros making their way south. Break through to the north and take over the Necropolis towns. You may want to leave one in enemy hands until you’ve found all the buffs for your hero. There aren’t many in this campaign. When you’re ready take over the final town to complete the mission.

After the Amulet

The Wizard Sandro wants you to find the pieces of a magical artifact that will ward off the undead. The first piece is the Amulet of the Undertaker. Starting bonuses are 15 Wood, +1 Spellpower or a Blacksmith in your starting town.

In the starting area you’ll find 4 towns, 2 Ramparts and 2 Castles. The enemy necromancers have access to 3 Necromancers towns. For this reason you may want to build up an army and break through one of the garrisons. Then take over the Necromancer towns. You can either go for the towns in the east or go through the underground tunnel to reach the Necromancer town in the northwest.

If you can defend your starting towns then that’s a bonus but you don’t need to keep them. Instead train an army from the Necromancer towns and build up an army to finish off the red enemy. After that you’ll be free to explore the map. Kill the Ghost Dragons in the north and take the Amulet of the Undertaker to complete the mission.

Retrieving the Cowl

For this mission your staring bonuses are the Town Hall, 15 Wood or +1 Defense. Go for the Town Hall or +1 Defense unless you’re playing on the harder difficulties. You start with a Rampart town close to the center of the map. The goal is to do a loop around the northern half of the map, taking over the other two Rampart towns and clearing that area. When you have a decent army kill the high level creatures guarding the Spell Scroll of Town Portal on the north western side of the map.

With the Town Portal spell you’ll be able to quickly gather your forces and march to the south. Take over the Necromancer towns and defeat the red enemy. Head underground and rescue the hero who has the Vampire Cowl. Take it back to Leafhall to complete the scenario.

Driving for the Boots

For the final mission you’ll need to find the Dead Man’s Boots and take them back to your starting town. You begin with either 4000 Gold, 15 Wood or 7 Crystals. You begin in a town to the north. Flag the Ore Mine and Sawmill and then head east through the friendly garrison.

Tag the resources in this area and visit the Seer who will give you a quest to give her 25 Ghost Dragons. You’ll eventually need to complete this quest to get an item you need.

By now Pink might have wandered through the garrison to the south. Taken them out and take over the Pink Necromancer town to the south. From here go through the Blue Guard to the west and take the two neutral Rampart Towns. In this area you’ll also find a Spell Scroll with the Town Portal spell guarded by Ghost Dragons.

Take all your army and bring them south to destroy the Red and Orange enemies. Gather together 25 Ghost Dragons and give them to the seer in the north for the Sandals of the Saint. This unlocks the area needed to get the Dead Man’s Boots. Bring them back to your starting town to complete this campaign.

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