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The Specter of Power is the final campaign for the Shadow of Death expansion. It features Sandro once more as he tries to take back power. This time he’s allied himself with the Overlords of Nighon and the Kreegans of Eeofol in order to bolster his chances.

It consists of 4 scenarios and is only unlocked after you complete the Unholy Alliance campaign. Try to build Sandro up in the first two scenarios because the third scenario, Kreegan Alliance, is quite a challenge. Make sure he has some control spells like Blind and Slow. Implosion helps as well.

Poison Fit for a King

For this mission you’ll need to capture Haart Castle in the very southwest corner of the map. It’s not that well defended so you can rush straight there once you break through the central garrison but you might want to explore a little first.

You begin with 20 Zombies, 3000 Gold or the Boots of Speed, as well as 3 Necropolis towns on the northern side of the map. Build these up as quickly as possible and tag the 2 Gold Mines in the area. The enemy will build up quickly so you’ll want as many units as possible to defend your territory.

When you’re ready head to the south, take over the Castles if you want and then capture Haart Castle to win the scenario.

To Build a Tunnel

For this scenario you’ll need to collect 100,000 Gold. You begin with 15 Wood or the Vial of Lifeblood but the Wood will be taken from you as soon as you start.

Focus on building an army as the enemies are quite a challenge. You’ll also want to explore a little bit and buff Sandro rather than going straight for the 100,000 as the next scenario is one of the most difficult.

Take over the 3 Necropolis towns on the eastern side of the map. Pretty soon the enemy heros will start killing off the neutral creatures and opening the paths to your territory. If you have Town Portal it’ll be easier to hunt them down. Otherwise go through either the north or south and take out the Pink or Red enemy.

Build a Capitol, tag the Gold Mines and finsish the scenario when you’re done exploring.

Kreegan Alliance

This is the most difficult scenario for this campaign. You begin with a small area to the northwest and can choose either Equestrian’s Gloves, 10 Wraiths or 10 Wood and 10 Ore as your starting bonus. It’s best to take the Wood and Ore as you’ll need help building up your town.

Break through the garrison to the south first, and then tag the luxury resources. Use Death Ripple to get through creatures that are split up into small stacks. The garrison to the east is better defended. Try to use Blind or something similar on the Grand Elves and then deal with the rest of the army.

The path you need to take to Melodia’s castle is linear. You’ll have 3 months to get there and defeating her will be difficult. Wait for 2 months and 2 weeks and gather all the creatures from the surrounding buildings. There are 2 wraith centers in your starting area and 2 Estates for vampires a bit further on.

To defeat Melodia turn all the Vampires into Vampire Lords. They’ll leech life when they attack and heal themselves. Also take as many Death Knights as you can, with a large group of Skeletons and any other units that you train or find along the way. Start by Blinding the Grand Elves, or cast Implosion if you don’t have Blind. Then carefully deal with the rest of the army. Blind any other large stacks of creatures that you don’t want to deal with right away. Hopefully you’ll defeat her and move on to the final scenario.

With Blinders On

For the final mission you begin with 5 of each of the rare resources and must defeat all the lords who seek to overthrow you.

If you’ve spent a bit of time buffing up Sandro he should be easily able to defeat the enemies. Don’t worry too much about building up your starting town. Use spells and Sandro’s Skeleton horde. There are 3 hidden spots where a hero will gain +10 to all stats. There’s a spot in front of the Green town, near the Blue ore mine and near the Orange sawmill. Together they will buff all your stats by +30!

Follow the cave system and portals, tagging the Keymaster’s Tens along the way. It’s a small map so you it’s hard to get lost. Once all enemies have been defeated the mission and campaign will be complete.

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