Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an action/adventure game by animation studio Ember Lab. You play the role of a spirit guide named Kena who helps rescue lost spirits. It’s a blend of exploration, combat and puzzle solving in a beautifully designed worlds.

There are large zones to explore at a time although it’s not technically open world as you will need to complete certain puzzles to unlock new areas. As you explore you’ll find little spirits called “Rot”. They’ll help you in a variety of ways including stunning enemies in combat, removing decay, moving objects and pointing out clues.

As you explore keep your eyes open for hidden Rot spirits. Often they’ll hide under rocks, in bushes or up trees. You’ll get a clue when one is nearby. You’ll also find Rot Hats that you can equip later once you find the hat merchant.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Walkthrough

Caves and Forest Ruins

The Village

The Search for Taro

Rusu Mountain

Forgotten Forest


Adira’s Love

Adira’s Fear

Village Heart

Hunter, Mask Maker & Warrior

Rot God


Kena World Map

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