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After you select the difficulty level you’ll be inside a dark cave. Press LB to send out a Pulse which lights up nearby crystals and symbols

Make your way along the only tunnel and you’ll spot a ghost. Follow it down the tunnel, using the Pulse to light up the cave as you go.

The ghost will stop on the platform in the center of a small lake. Swim over to it and use Pulse while standing on it. This opens a nearby door. Head through the door and continue along the tunnel until you meet a Spirit. He tells you to leave, then disappears and leaves behind an enemy.

Practice rolling to dodge enemy strikes and using Light and Heavy attacks to kill them. After the battle take a look around. There’s a large door on one side of the arena and two standing stones on the sides. Use the Pulse to light up the standing stones.

Stand on the central lit up circle and send out another Pulse. The large doors will open.

Go through the large door and head up the stairs. This leads out to the forest. Follow the forest path until you see a couple of kids. Follow them under the log to the clearing.

After the cutscene use Pulse near to the rock to reveal a Rot Wisp. Go close to it and pick it up. This wisp will act as a guide to help you find the others.

Stand on the circular pressure plate to lift up the stones. Jump up the stones and run along to the next clearing where you’ll spot the kids and find Rot Wisp #1. The first Rot you found will point out the location.

Follow the path along and take the next right, just before the path goes under a log. Use Pulse to reveal another Rot Wisp #2.

Jump across the gap and run along the log. On the other side use Pulse to find the third Rot Wisp #3.

Continue down the stairs to the right and follow the kids under the arch. Follow the path through the ruins and down the steps. You’ll spot a chest ahead. Open it to find Rot Wisp #4. Go back the way you came and head out to the corrupted clearing.

You’ll need to find the final Rot Wisp before it can be cleared. Stand on the circle near to the lake and use Pulse. The stone pillars will lift up.

Jump across the pillars and go into the cave behind the waterfall. Use Pulse to reveal Rot Wisp #5.

Jump back across the pillars and enter the dead zone with the corruption. Use the Rot Wisps on the corruption around the tree and then send out a Pulse. The corruption will be destroyed and the tree will fall over.

Jump onto the fallen tree and continue up to the next area. Climb up the stone with the white symbol on it, then jump across the broken bridge. Climb up the stone wall and drop down on the other side. As you approach the corruption a battle will begin.

The heart of the corruption will continue to spit out enemies. To stop it use the Rot Wisps on the heart and send out a Pulse to destroy it. Destroy the corrupted heart on the stone wall as well.

Climb up the wall with the painted symbol on it and head down the stairs on the other side. Use the Rot Wisps to pick up the Stone Block. Bring it around to the stone wall with the painted symbol on it so you can jump up.

Climb up to the area above. Use the Rots to help pick up a Cat Statue. Jump up to the broken bridge near to where you climbed up and jump across the gap to the other side.

Continue across the gaps to the right and you’ll see more corruption. Head up the stairs for another battle. After the cutscene you’ll be attacked by a boss called Sprout.

If you activate your shield at the right moment you’ll parry his attacks. This boss fight is not too difficult. Parry or dodge out of the way and then use heavy or light attacks of your own. If you get into trouble use the Rot ability to stun him for a few seconds.

After Sprout has been defeat use the Rots to clear the heart of the corruption.

After you talk with the children use the Pulse to gather the 3 Rot Wisps nearby. Rot Wisp #6, #7 and #8 for this area.

Run up the stairs and go through the large open doorway to see the village down below. From now on you have access to your map.

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