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Head forwards through the gate and meet up with the children. Turn around to the right and you’ll notice the Rot by the waterfall. Use the Rot and they’ll pick up a Water Bulb

Bring it to the plant and it will grow into a Forest Tear. Use the Forest Tear to clear out the corruption. Now that the path is clear continue up the path and climb up the rock.

Head up the path to the right and then climb up the rocks. Shimmy across to the left and jump across the gap so you can continue up the path where you should spot an arch next to a Warp Stone.

The kids will be sitting by the arch waiting for you to clear the poison. Head through and take out the enemies. If you want you can use a Forest Tear to help kill them quickly.

Use the Rot and a Pulse to clear out the corrupted bulb. Fight off a few more enemies and then use the Rot to destroy the corrupted heart. The area should now be clear.

After the battle use the Forest Tear to clear out the corruption blocking the cave. Enter and use a Pulse to discover Rot Wisp #1.

Use another Forest Tear to clear out the corruption around the house. Go inside to find a Rot Ha inside a chest. Come out and follow the path under a stone arch and into a dark forest.

Someone will cry out for Beni and Saiya. You’ll then see a Gold Wisp disappear. Follow it along the dark path to a large open area. Step forwards and use the Mask for a cutscene.

Talk to the kids and they’ll tell you that you need to find Mr. Rusu up on the mountain. Before heading in that direction we’ll backtrack to find a few Rot Wisps in the forest.

Going back along the forest path they way you came take the first right which will lead you to some rocks. Use the Rot to make some enemies spawn. Kill them and use the Rot again to find Rot Wisp #2.

Continue along the path to find a fruit plant. Use a Pulse and the Rot Wisps will eat it. Head up the stone steps and use the Rot to pick up a Fox Statue. Follow the path down to a rock with Rot Wisp #3 on top of it.

When you get back to the forest entrance turn around and follow the path on the other side (right side when facing into the forest to find Taro). Continue along the path and use a Pulse to reveal Rot Wisp #4 under a fallen log.

Continue along the path and jump up the path where you slide down. Jump to the cliff and then across the gap. Jump across to a ledge where you’ll find Rot Wisp #5 under a rock.

Return to the forest clearing and climb up the large fallen tree.

Follow the path towards the mountain and you’ll soon get the notification that you’re entering Rusu Mountain.

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