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Follow the path down the side of the hill to the village. As you can see there’s a lot of corruption and the village looks abandoned.

Continue forwards to the village square and get ready for a fight. Kill the two enemies and then use the Rot and Pulse to destroy three corrupted bulbs. There’s two on the side of the village square and one in the last house at the back.

Once this is done the center bulb will opening revealing the corrupted heart. Use the Rot and a Pulse to destroy it and restore the village back to its former glory. You’ll also discover a Hat Cart where you can buy and equip Hats for your little Rot Wisps.

To the left of the Hat Merchant you’ll spot some pots. One of them is hiding Rot Wisp #1.

Continue forwards to the Mask Shrine where you’ll find Zajuro. Stand on the circle and cast Pulse for him to appear. After the talk he’ll give you Taro’s Mask. This can be used to get through the Blue Barrier near to the Hat Merchant.

While looking at Zajuro take the path to the right. The Rot Wisps will get gather around a rock. Get close to it and collect Rot Wisp #2.

Come back to the Hat Merchant and look at the Blue Barrier to the right. Put on Taro’s Mask. The barrier will fade and you can head up the steps leading to another part of the village.

Run behind one of the houses by the river and you’ll see a large barrel. Have the Rot move the barrel to the spot marked under the roof. Climb onto the barrel, up to the roof and in through the top window. Inside you’ll find Spirit Mail. Grab it and use the Rot to help you unblock the entrance.

Just across the street you’ll find the Mailbox where you can deliver the mail.

Once you deliver the mail the barrier surrounding the house will be removed. Go to the side yard of the house and defeat the enemies. Use the Rot on the heart of corruption to clear it. Run around to the back of the house and use Pulse to find a Rot Wisp #3.

Follow the little golden wisp up the steps and you’ll run into the children again. Walk up the final set of stairs and battle the corruption once more.

You’ll get a tutorial on how to use Rot to open flowers that restore health. You can only use them once so wait until your health is low.

Defeat the enemies and use the Rot Wisps on the Corrupted Heart to clear the area. You’ll be given a tutorial on forming Forest Tears to clear corruption and other objects. Clear the pile of grass to the left and use Pulse to reveal Rot Wisp #4.

Create another Forest Tear and use it to clear the corruption further along the path. Go through the open door to enter the next area.

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