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Lost Grove

Drop down into the Lost Grove. By now you should have revealed the Map for this area. If you haven’t go back to the Black Root Burrows to find the Map Stone and Fragment.

Dash past the laser and continue down. At the bottom you can explore either to the left or the right. Take the left path first.

Dash past the laser beam and continue around to the laser wheel. Use the bounce pad on the left to bounce up and make it past the laser wheel to the top right. Climb up the wall and head to the left where you’ll get a cut-scene. Drop down to the Ancestral Tree for the last ability of the game, the Light Burst. The light burst can be used to access new areas.

Climb up the wall and jump onto the platform. Use your Light Burst to light up the lantern to the left.


This will lower the log to the right. Jump onto the log and use your Light Burst on another lantern up above. This lowers another platform. Jump onto it and use your Light Burst on one last lantern to open the door down below.

Head back to the central area and take the right path. Drop down and take the first right for some extra pickups. If you jump onto the spiked rock just above the laser and then over to the left you’ll find a secret area.


Head back and take the next left. Jump up and float over the spikes for a Spirit Light Container. Go back to the center and drop down. Stand on the pressure plate to the right and throw a Light Burst up and over to the left. Once the spikes are cleared you can light the lantern which opens the door to the right.

Go through the door and kill all of the creatures in the next cavern. This will open another door to the right. Light the lantern in the next room to open the stone trapdoor leading down.

Float down all the way to the water. The wooden door to the right is locked at the moment. For the extra pickups dive underwater and go all the way to the right for an Ability Cell.

Leave the water and go to the right. Jump over the spikes and use a Light Burst on the bounce pad to the right. It will bounce up and break the barrier to the top left.


The wooden door to the top left is still closed. Climb up to the central pillar and use a light burst and use it to bash across to the lever to the top right. Pull the lever to open the door. Pick up the Ability Cell and then climb the wall above you to find another one.


Jump across to the left and pull the lever to open the door down by the water. Head back around and go through the door. You’ll have one last cut-scene here. Climb up the wall and continue to the left to find the last Spirit Well of the game!

Now that you have explored everything it’s time to win the game. Continue on to Mount Horu.