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Road to Mount Horu

After getting the Sunstone drop all the way down through the Valley of the Wind to the Spirit Well and warp to the Thornfelt Swamp. This is a good time to search for extra loot that you haven’t already picked up yet.

Make your way left and upwards, towards the entrance to Mount Horu. Head up first to the Spirit Well to the east of Mount Horu to activate the warp for this location. Then continue towards the entrance.

Bash your way past the fireballs to stay above the molten landscape. First go under the central island and then jump back up to the top and push off the large stone. The stone will break a fallen log down below, allowing you access to another area.


Drop down after it. There is a secret above the red slime just to the right. Either use bash on the slime or kill the slime and dash upwards into the cave for a Spirit Light Container. Continue through this cavern to find an Ability Cell at the end. Head back up and continue to the left to find the entrance to Mount Horu.

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