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Valley of the Wind

As we make our way towards the Misty Woods we’ll explore the top half of the Valley of the Wind. We’ll come back later to finish of the second half. Stomp on the first log you come across to break it and pick up a Spirit Light Container.

Continue to the left and try to avoid the crows that fly at you and attack. Jump up to the log and Stomp on it until a door opens up to the left.


Jump up to where the door opened but head right first to pick up a Spirit Life Container. Now go through the door to the left and pick up another Spirit Life Container in the water.

Climb up the wall on the left and use the lanterns to Bash attack your way across the spikes to the right and up the chasm. Head to the left and up as the path to the right can’t be taken yet until Kuro, the great bird,┬áis distracted.

Climb up the wall, avoiding the spikes and birds to the top. Bash attack across the lanterns and spiders to a small cavern with a Spirit Light Container in the top left corner. It’s hard to reach because it’s surrounded by spikes. Use your double jump to land directly on it. Then drop down, use the Bash attack on the spider and its projectiles to make it up and continue to the left.

When you meet Kuro you’ll need to use Bash attack, first on three lanterns, and then the birds to make it to the top left side of the cliff. Use Stomp on the loose rocks to make them fall on Kuro and scare him away.

When you land pick up his feather to be able to float and jump up to the Spirit Well to save your game. From here jump and float as far as you can to the left. There is a whole chasm down below that we haven’t explored but we need to make it to Misty Woods first.

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