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Coyote’s Crusade

Before you have the chance to make it back to the Seamstresses Union Coyote will call and ask for help rescuing Gino. You’ll have both Coyote and Paco backing you up on this one. Paco is pretty good with an SMG and Coyote likes using shotguns.

Objective: 1) Coyote and Paco Must Survive 2) Find and Rescue Gino from the BTL Pushers

Speak with the BTL Clocker standing outside and choose one of the options asking him to let you inside. Just up ahead you’ll meet a Concerned Woman. Initiate a conversation with her and she’ll give you info on this place, including where to find a pass card.

Go down the hall to the right and speak with Charlie who’s guarding the door. You can buy a Pass Card from him for 150 Nuyen or enter without paying if you have Strength 4 or Charisma 4. Alternatively you can buy a Pass Card from Jamal for 100 Nuyen. You can also punch Charlie in the eye and start a fight. It’s up to you.

Walk over the bridge to the building on the other side. Once you enter a short dialogue will appear and then a fight will start. You main target is the Decker to the top left who’s controlling the civilians.


Objective: Stop the Chipheads from Attacking You

Try to avoid hurting the Chipheads as they are being forced to fight by the Yakuza Decker. Have your best melee fighter make a run for the Decker while the other two take out the BTL Security and the Yakuza that try to stop him.

Make sure your other two keep a defensive position. Behind the crates should be fine or even withdraw outside the room if you need to. The Chipheads don’t do much damage so don’t worry about them attacking. If you get into trouble use Concussion Grenades to put the to sleep for a few turns.

Once the Yakuza Decker has been killed all of the Chipheads will fall asleep. Use the computer to turn off the Puppet BTLs. They’ll all take damage unless you have Decking 3.

Once you’ve freed the Chipheads you’ll have a chance to talk with Gino. If you want to help him first tell him to ‘Take it easy’ and then ‘there are drugs that can help you, Gino. We can go slow.’

Looking for Trouble

Back at the Union Cherry Bomb will flag you down, letting you know there’s a woman waiting for you by the stage. John Bartlett is also here who tells you about the Nephilim Network and Van Graas who’ll by the Incriminating Data from you for 800 Nuyen unless you have Etiquette: Shadowrunner which allows you to sell it for 1,000 Nuyen.

Objective: Talk to Jessica

Head into the next room and speak with Jessica Watts. You’ll have a fairly long conversation and have the option of showing her the Photo you found in Sam’s bunk. You’ll receive 2 karma Points for your trouble.

Objective: Talk to the Fixer, Mr Delilah, About Hiring Runners

In the back room you can have a small chat with Coyote and Mr. Kluwe before finally speaking with Mr. Delilah to hire some runners.

Shannon Half-Sky will join your team for free. You’ll need at least one or two extra people as the warehouse is going to be protected by another gang. Pick the runners that complement your team and confirm the selection. I usually try to have someone with decent spells and someone with good decking skills as you never know what you’ll encounter.

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