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The Estate

The Estate is quite an impressive place and it’s owned by one of the richest elves in the country, James Telestrian III.

First speak with Officer McKlusky and then Mr. Quoth who’ll let you into the estate. Talk with James Telestrian III who will bring you into the library for a meeting.

After the meeting you’ll be given 10,000 Nuyen to hire a team. Have a chat with everyone and replenish any supplies or upgrade your equipment. Aljernon is here with his usual assortment of spells and strange items. Mr. Quoth also sells some new weapons.

Once you’re ready to go speak with Harlequin. He’ll give you an Aegis Mk. 1 Launcher that’s effective against spirit bugs. He’ll join the team and he also has one of these weapons. You’ll need both of them to take down one spirit bug. If you think you need more firepower against the spirits hire the Tir Tairngire Ghost who also has an Aegis Mk. 1 Launcher.

Once the team is ready to go proceed to your final mission.

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