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The South Seattle Docks

The next Emerald City Ripper murder is in a warehouse at the docks. You’ll need to find a way past the security before you can enter the warehouse.

Objective: Get to the NTSB Warehouse

Head to the south-west and speak with the Lonestar Guard on the other side of the fence. If you have Etiquette: Security you can claim Officer Aguirre asked you to check out the security. Otherwise the guard will tell you to ‘beat it’.

The other option is to grab the Ladder to the east of the Lonestar Guard. The owner will object but you can convince him to let you have it.


Speak with the Streetwalker and pay her 20 Nuyen to distract the guard for a little while. While she’s talking to him use the Ladder on the fence further towards the top of the screen.

Before heading into the factory walk to the north-west to the helicopter landing and search the crates. Inside you’ll find a Phosphorous Grenade and a Fichetti Concussion Grenade.


Head back to the right to the warehouse entrance and go inside.

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