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The Digital World

Speak with David Fry II and Johnny Clean in the doctors office. Ask if one of them can do a DNA analysis. David agrees to get the gene code sequence and then Johnny will jump into the Matrix to track the owner down.

Follow Johnny Clean back to his office and have another chat with him. If you don’t have any Decking skill don’t worry Johnny can handle it all by himself. If you do you’ll be able to join him in the Matrix.

While you’re down here talk to Van Graas and sell him the Ares Flight Recorder you found at the warehouse. You can sell it for 2,000 Nuyen or 2,500 Nuyen if you have Etiquette: Corporate.

Matrix Part 1

Jack into the Matrix with Johnny and yourself, if you have the skill. This Matrix run is pretty easy so there’s nothing to worry about. When you’re inside the Matrix you can go through the arches to reach other areas. Johnny also has an Attacker ESP that will spawn in an Attacker. You can use this to help take down the defensive programs.


Go through the first arch and you’ll see another two arches and a Lone Star Data Store to the left. It’s protected by 2 White IC and a White Sentry IC. Once you’ve killed them search the Lone Star Data Store to find a DNA match.

Now go through the arch that was to the right as you entered this area. This will take you to the News Net Archive.


Once more there are three defenders to take down as before. Kill them and then search the News Net Archive for information.

Head back out and take the final arch to the north-west. This will take you to the Autopsy Records.


Take out the 2 White IC and then check the records. The DNA belongs to Silas Forsberg who apparently died but the body was so disfigured that they could only tell by checking the dental records. Perhaps he faked his death to lead anyone investigators astray?

When you’re finished here had back to the Matrix entrance and leave. After a brief chat with Johnny you’ll agree to re-enter the Matrix to find out who his psychiatrist was before he died.

Matrix Part 2

Jack into the Matrix again and take the arch to the south-west. This takes you to the Medical Board 1 protected by a White Sparky IC and a White IC.


You’ll get the name ‘Holmes’ from this node. It’s time to find out where he works. Head through the next arch to the south-west to find the Medical Board 2. There’s a Black IC and a White IC protecting this board.


After killing the defenders search the Medical Board 2 to find the employment location of Holmes. He works at the Mercy Mental Hospital and that’s where you’ll be going next.

The Safe House

Speak with Johnny Clean and David Fry II to see if you can figure out what’s going on. Take the opportunity here to purchase any supplies before you make your way to the hospital as you’ll come across heavy resistance.

Speak with Mr. Delilah and let him know you’re ready to hire a crew. You can still hire Shannon Half-Sky for free because she owes you a favor. Pick one or two others to round out the team and then head to the hospital.

Next Part: Mercy Mental Hospital