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Pike Place Market

Your first task is to meet with Paco and see if he knows anything about Coyote’s disappearance. As soon as you enter this place you’ll see Patrick who has some information on the Universal Brotherhood that we’;ll deal with later. For now we must find Paco.

Objective: Find Coyote’s Boyfriend Paco

Head further west and you’ll see a man standing by a bus shelter. That’s Paco. Have a chat with him and he’ll decide to join you.

(Side Quest) Objective: Find Maury’s Meat Emporium

Continue further to the north-east and you’ll meet Manny from Maury’s Meat Emporium. Buy the Zebra Meat off him because it might come in handy a little later.

(Side Quest) Objective: Learn More About the Pike Place Murder


Continue in the same direction until you come to the crime scene. Speak with Officer Landers and either use your Etiquette: Security or tell him you need to see Dresden to get access to the crime scene.

Examine the woman’s body and then talk to Dresden about it. Also speak to Officer Aguirre and the strange Elf lurking at the back. If you give Officer Aguirre some Nuyen he’ll make sure you’re the first to know about any more murders. After investigating the crime scene head to the north-east to find the entrance to the Royale Apartments.

(Side Quest) Objective: Recover Lucy’s Necklace from the Pike Place Crime Scene

Along the way on the southern side of the street you’ll meet Frank who wants to recover a necklace from the recently murdered woman. Return to the crime scene and use Quickness with 4 or more or bribe Office Aguirre to to get the necklace. Return to Frank and give it to him for 1 KP and 200 Nuyen.

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