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The Union

When you return to the Union talk to Coyote who’s standing just near to the entrance. Next speak with Cherry Bomb behind the bar. Let her know what happened to Shane to complete the ‘Tell Cherry Bomb about Shane’ quest.

You can also speak with Van Graas in the back room and sell him the Record of Payments that you picked up on the last mission. He’ll give you 2,000 Nuyen for it but if you have Etiquette: Socialite or Etiquette: Shadowrunner you’ll receive an extra 500 Nuyen.

Side Quest: Talk to Mr. Johnson

Mr. Johnson is in the room with the stage. Talk to him and agree to take on the Corporate Extraction quest. Use the piano to head down to the Safe House and speak with Mr. Delilah to hire runners.

Corporate Extraction


You start in a small room on the northern side of the building. Head to the west and take out the first Lonestar Guard.

Take the only exit to the south and head south once more through the closed door. In this room you’ll encounter a Lonestar Guard, Lonestar Heavy Gunner and a Lonestar Enforcer. A fourth Enforcer will enter form the room to the east. Approach slowly and duck down behind the desks for cover.

You can use the computer on a desk on the southern side of this room for more Data but you need Decking 6 to be able to access it.

Head through to the east and then open the door to the north for another tough fight. There are another 4 guards here, including a Heavy Gunner, and a Corporate Mage. In the middle of the fight a Basilisk called Subject 5 will run out and attack. If you have some kind of force field barrier spell you can use it here to slow it down.


Once they’ve all been dealt with continue through to the lab and speak with Saada, the researcher for this organisation.

He’s a little upset about being kidnapped in this way. You can choose to free him for 5,000 Nuyen and 8 KP or knock him out and deliver him for 6KP and 9,000 Nuyen.

Head back to the  Union and speak with Mr. Johnson. If you delivered the scientist you’ll get your payment, otherwise make up some excuse and then head down to the Safe House and speak with Johnny Clean.

Tell Johnny that Baron Samedi wants to talk to you in the Matrix. He’ll get you hooked up to the Matrix so you can have a chat with him. After the discussion go and see Mr. Delilah to hire another team.

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