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Royale Apartments

The Royale Apartments were once a nice place but now belongs to the dregs of society. To the right you have a Tweaker who needs some extra cash for his next hit and to the left a Sad Old Man. You’ll need to find some way up to the upper level to rescue Coyote.

Objective: 1. Keep Paco Alice 2. Find Coyote

Talk to the Sad Old Man and he’ll tell you that there was a commotion upstairs earlier and that he saw a lady (Coyote) being taken up there.

Objective: Get to the Top Floor

There are two ways to the top floor. The stairs behind the Sad Old Man or the elevator. If you have Strength 4 or Charisma 4 you can convince the Sad Old Man to help you out and he’ll give you the location of the stairs. Otherwise you’ll need to take the elevator and you’ll lose the element of surprise.

If you convince the old man to reveal the access to the stairwell then you can skip the next part (Alternative paths to the top floor)

Alternative Paths to the Top Floor

1) Have a look at the wall behind the Sad Old Man and you’ll see a Closet on the wall. Look at it and if you have Drone Control with an available Drone then you can use it to go through the wall and open the door. Alternatively, if you have Spirit Summoning, you can summon a spirit to go through and do the same thing.

2) Head towards the elevator to the bottom left and you’ll see Ryker yelling at someone. Start a fight with him and his mate, Tranq. Search the bodies when you’ve killed them for a Royale Elevator Pass Code. You can use the pass code to access the elevator and take it to the top floor.

3) Sweet talk Ryker with Etiquette: Street or Intelligence 3 or higher and he’ll give you the pass code.

4) Use the computer behind Ryker and hack into it if you have Decking 3 or higher. On the computer you’ll be able to find the elevator access codes.

(Side Quest) Objective: Save the Man’s Son

Ryker was angry at a man, Symp, who ran away to the north. Follow him into his room and talk to him. He’ll tell you about his son who’s being held hostage in the Recording Studio. You can pick up some Jazz in the corner of the room. To save his son either sweet talk Ryker into giving you access to the Recording Studio or use the computer and Reboot Studio Software. Kill the bandits inside the Recording Studio and speak with Symp’s son. Return to Symp and give him the good news.

Royale Apartments Penthouse


The only way through the penthouse suite is to fight your way through. If you came up the stairwell you’ll have the advantage of being able to attack from behind. If you go up the elevator you’ll be taken straight into a fight unless you have the BTL File from the previous floor. In which case the fight won’t start until you rescue Coyote.

Assuming you come up the stairs you’ll get the jump on Tranq. If you don’t kill him in one round he’ll run out of the room and call for help. There are 2 Hell Hounds in the cage that protects the room Coyote is being tortured in. If you give the Hell Hounds the Zebra Meat they’ll be quiet and let you pass.

Once Tranq calls the others Stevie J and his goons will attack. If you get into trouble fall pack and use some of the furniture to take up a defensive position. Once Stevie J is killed check his body for Stevie J’s Pass Codes.

Go through the room with the Hell Hounds to find Coyote. Kill Alex, the girl torturing her and rescue Coyote.


Objective: Find Stevie’s Stash

When you speak with Coyote she’ll tell you that she needs to find some gems. Tell her that you’ll find them for her while Paco takes her back to the Seamstresses Union. You’ll meet them there later.

Across from the Hell Hound room is a storage room with 25 Nuyen and an Advanced Medkit. Pick them up and then use the Pass Codes to enter the room across from the kitchen. You will be attacked by a Hell Hound as you open the door.


Search the closet in the laundry area to find the Rare Stones and then head down the elevator to make your way back to the Seamstresses Union.

Next Part: Seamstresses Union Safe House