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Telestrian Industries

Objective: 1) Find the Aegis Sample 2) Search Telestrian Accounting System for Information

As soon as you open the door you’ll be attacked by 2 Lonestar Guards. One of them will drop a Telestrian Security Access Card. Once you have the card use the main computer at the other end of the room. From here you can unlock the lobby doors and Samedi will have another chat with you.

Go out the lobby door into the corridor and open the only door leading to the north. As you enter this office 4 guards will run in from the north, 2 Lonestar Guards, a Lonestar Enforcer and a Lonestar Mage. There are 3 computers that you can access in this room.


Objective: 1) Hack the Elevator 2) Search the CEO’s LAN on the Top Floor

Head through the door to the north and get prepared for a big fight. On the other side of the door you’ll face 2 Turrets, 2 Lonestar Guards, Lonestar Gunner, Lonestar Captain and a Telestrian Rigger.

Bring your Decker to the Computer with a Jack Point in the room to the north-east. After he enters the Matrix you’ll need to protect him from Guards who are going to enter from the elevator.


Industrial Industries Matrix

Objective: Hack the Elevator

Inside the Matrix, before reaching the first portal you’ll come across 2 white IC and 2 White Sparky IC. Head through the portal and take down another 2 White IC.

From here the portal to the left takes you to the Legal Files Data Store Node and the one to the south to the Patents Datastore protected by a Black IC. Searching this node will give you the Telestrian Pending Patent Applications which you can sell later.

Going south once more will take you to the Elevator Control Node. Once you get close you’ll be surrounded by 5 enemies, 4 White IC and a White Sentry IC. Send in one of your programs first so they can take the brunt of the attack.


Once you hack into the elevator you’ll gain 6 KP and complete this objective. Bring your Decker out of the Matrix and go to the elevator.

Executive Actions

Head straight through to the north-west. You won’t face any resistance here until you hack into the Matrix. bring your Decker up to the Jack Point and position your other team members protecting the south and east entrances.


While you’re in the matrix guards will come up from the south and east elevator. Find a good spot to hunker down and take them out before they get close to your Decker.

Executive Actions Matrix

This matrix area is the largest in the game. Proceed with caution and use your programs to scout ahead and flush out any enemy programs.

Head through the first portal and take out the 2 White IC before activating Cam 1 Node and Cam 2 Node to turn off the security cameras.


Continue through the portal ahead and you’ll be attacked by another White IC. Take it out and first head to through the portal to the left. This takes you to the Note of Concern Node where you’ll find some more information.

Objective: Regain Control of the Elevators in the Matrix

Go back through the portal and this time head through the south portal. Here you’ll come across first a White IC and then 2 more White IC on platforms, a White Sentry IC and a White Sparky IC. It’s a good idea to use any programs you have to get through this area. Once it’s clear activate the Personal Comlink Logs Node.

Go through the portal to the south and send your programs ahead of you to protect the Decker. In this section you’ll face 2 White IC, a Black IC and a White Sentry IC. Once clear activate the Personal Correspondence Node.


You’ll be given a new objective to get access to Eric Silverstar’s office but first you must gain control of the elevator. Head through the portal in the south to go to the last section.

Here you’ll be attacked by 3 White IC and a White Sentry IC. Take them out and activate the Elevator Control Node.

In the real world go back and use the console next to the elevator to the south, the one you came up, to end this section.

The Morning After

After spending the night in the storehouse you’ll be back at Telestrian Industries in the day time as their new employee.

Objective: Plant the Commlink Chips to get to Eric Silverstar’s Office

Open the locker to get changed into your cleaner’s outfit. Exit out of the maintenance room and then take the elevator up to the ground floor. After speaking with the Supervisor you’ll be given free reign to hunt around for places to plant the Commlink Chips.

Head into the tech room to the north-east and speak with the Telestrian Tech Worker. If you have Charisma 4 or Charisma 2 you’ll be able to convince him to go and have a smoke, otherwise just continue the conversation to the end. Once he’s gone open the panel on the wall to plant the first Commlink Chip.


Go to the boardroom to the west with the large table and speak with the two guys. Once again you can urge them to leave with your Charisma skill or just play out the conversation to the end and they’ll leave. Place another Commlink Chip on the panel as shown below.


Lastly enter the offices to the south-east. You’ll see a Telestrian Worker being told off by a guard. He’s not in a good mood but have a chat with the Worker anyway.

Head back into the Tech room and look in the open server. You’ll be able to grab some Matrix LAN Parts. Take them back to the Telestrian Worker and he’ll leave. If you have Charisma 4 or Charisma 5 you can get through the conversation, otherwise he’ll tell the Supervisor on you who’ll give you a warning.

Finally open the panel in this room to plant the last Commlink Chip.


Speak with the Guard at the elevator and tell him you found some chips. You’ll be invited up to speak with Eric Silverstar.

Collecting the Sample

Open the door to the east and speak with Eric. After a while he will leave the office, giving you some time to search for the sample.

You’ll need to press the paintings in the write order to open a bookshelf leading to a secret room. Look at the paintings and you’ll have a description of them.


Push them in this order 1) Duty, 2) Efficiency and 3) Vigilance and the bookshelf to the east will slide open, revealing the secret room.

To get into the safe you’ll need a DNA Sample so go to the bar and pick up the Half-Smoked Cigar. Use the cigar on the safe to get the Aegis Sample.

To escape you’ll need to go out the back elevator which is further north and to the east of the one you came up. When you take the elevator you’ll be greeted by Officer McKlusky.

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