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The Docks – 3 Years Ago

It’s here that you’ll receive an introduction to combat. Before doing anything pick up the Basic Medkit in the crates to the north of the screen.

Objective: Talk to New Larry

Talk to New Larry in the bar in the center of this location. It appears one of the runners has betrayed you. Once you complete the conversation the battle will start.

Objective: Kill Your Enemies

This fight is not going to be too difficult. As soon as the fight starts New Larry will try to make a run for it. Try to take him out before he gets away. Another 6 goons will attack, 2 from the south, 2 from the north and 2 from the west. Make use of your grenades and special abilities to take them down. The shaman from the west may create a familiar to attack you as well.

Once all the enemies have been killed you’ll return to the present and finish up business with Sam Watts and his lawyer and then head to the Organ Grinders.

Next Part: Organ Grinders