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The Liberation of Korhal


Destroy All Enemy Bases

The map for The Liberation of Korhal is long and thin. It looks small but it will take a while to sweep through and destroy both the UED Terran forces and the Zerg. You will need to destroy all Terran and Zerg structures to complete this mission.

You begin with a base in the south-eastern corner of the map with 4 Hatcheries. With 10,000 minerals you can build up your base and defences quickly.

Zergling Rush

Use the 4 Hatcheries to spawn around 2 groups of Zerglings. Send them directly to the north to wipe out the first Terran Outpost. Send Drones to build a Hatchery and use it to collect minerals and gas from this new base.

The rest of the map will be much harder to take over so SAVE the game frequently. You have plenty of minerals so make sure you prioritize the harvesting of gas.

Ground units such as Ultralisks and Hydralisks may work well but I choose to focus on fliers. A full group of upgraded Guardians with an escort of Mutalisks seems to work well as long as you keep them close together. You’ll need an Overlord in the group to spot cloaked Wraiths as well.

The most difficult push will be the Terran base in the bottom left corner. Gather your forces and slowly move the forwards. If you’re using fliers try to draw out the Valkyries and Battlecruisers so you can deal with them one or two at a time.

Once their defences have been weakened sweep through and destroy all the remaining structures to complete the mission.

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