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Vile Disruption

Starting the mission with 6 Hunter Killers (a kind of Hydralisk) and 2 Zerglings you need to rescue 7 Hives from the enemy Zerg. When you reach each Hive you’ll be given reinforcements so you should have a large force by the end of the mission. You begin in the north-west corner. Here’s the best path to take to rescue all of the Hives.

Once you reach the first Hive you’ll be given 6 Zerglings. The second Hive will give you 4 Hydralisks. The third Hive gives you 10 Scourges. You can send the Scourges out in twos around the map to destroy any Guardians that you spot. The fourth Hive will give you 6 Zerglings and 6 Hydralisks. The fifth Hive will give you 4 Queens. You need these to use Spawn Broodlings on the Ultralisks. This instantly destroys the Ultralisks.

THe sixth Hive will give you 2 Defilers. To get to the island with the last Hive you’ll need to go through the Nydus Canals. There’s a lot of enemy units here but run straight towards the Hive for 21 Hydralisks and 6 Hunter Killers. Mop up the remaining Zerg for victory.

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