Run down the tunnel to see what’s upset the Ostriches. As you enter Kate will notice dozens of Vampire Bats hanging from the roof.

Speak with Kurk and the Shaman about getting through the tunnel. They don’t have any ideas but agree to give Kate a hand if she needs it.

Walk up the steps or climb up onto the platform on the right side. Walk down the stairs to the right. Continue around and walk down a further set of steps. Walk to the left and pick up the Seaweed growing by the green water.

Run all the way to the right and speak with the Youkol by the root growing through the wall. He’ll give you a piece of Root.

Run back and then walk back up the steps to the platform. Walk down onto the train tracks and grab the Youkol Cloth dangling down from one of the Ostriches.

Speak with the Youkol tending the Ostrich about everything, but he’s not much help.

Walk up the steps on this side of the tracks, the left side when facing towards the tunnel. Walk up the steps on the left and speak with Oscar about everything.

Enter the airlock and and click on the red button on the other side of the room. Kate will notice the radiation. Walk back down the steps and climb down onto the railway tracks. Climb up the other side (the right side) and look at the table.

Take the Lighter from the table and the Flask. Place the Root in the small hole on the right side of the table. Use the Youkol Cloth on the top of the Root. Use the Flask on the top of the Root and then light it with the Lighter.

Walk down the steps and along the tracks into the tunnel. Kate will scare away all of the bats but they’ll return immediately.

Come back towards the Ostriches and speak with Kurk and the Shaman. Walk up the steps on the left side of the tracks. Go up the steps to the left and speak with Oscar. He’ll volunteer to go outside and open the grates so that the bats can escape.

You’ll now take control of Oscar. Walk towards the bottom of the screen and up the steps. Exit out the doors at the end of the corridor.

Walk out of the station and Oscar will notice a helicopter flying overhead. Take a look at the grate at the top of the train station then run towards the fire truck to the right. Continue down the street and head into an open shop.

Walk around to the back of the counter and pick up the Shears from the floor.

Run back to the fire truck and open the driver’s door. Oscar will get inside. Look to the right and open the glovebox. Look inside and search around until you find the Ignition Key. Turn the Ignition Key to start the engine. Pull the gearstick down to move the fire truck forwards. Oscar will get out.

Run around to the back of the fire truck and click on the steps at the back to climb up. Click on the next set of steps to climb up again. Take a look at the ladder controls.

Turn the top wheel to the right until the ladder faces the train station. Turn the bottom wheel to the right to lift up the ladder. Pull the lever down to extend the ladder. Keep playing with the controls until you have it just right.

Oscar will walk up the ladder. Take a closer look at the ventilation grating. Open your inventory and use the Shears on the grating. Climb back down the ladder.

Climb back down the first set of steps on the fire truck. Take a look at the fire hose.

Turn and pull out both pins, shown in the picture above. Look at the hose housing (where the hose is wound up). Turn the side of it until the hose comes out and attaches to the water gun base. Turn the little red wheel on the water gun base where the end of the hose connects. Look at the top of the water gun and click on the handle. Oscar will wash away the dog automatons.

Climb off the fire truck. Head back into the train station and go into the airlock. Click on the red button. Oscar will be decontaminated but the machine will run out of iodine.

Now back as Kate Walker. Look at the rectangular compartment to the right of the airlock door. This is the iodine compartment.

Open your inventory and use the Seaweed in the iodine compartment. The iodine will slowly be extracted from the seaweed and Oscar will be freed.

Run back to the other side of the platform and once again grab the Lighter from the table. Kate will scare the bats away, this time for good and the Ostriches will continue on their journey.

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