Enter through the large tent into the Youkol village. Head to the back and go into the Shaman’s yurt. Talk to her and she’ll tell you the Youkol’s are waiting for Kurk.

Back on the Krystal the Captain is getting anxious about leaving. Walk to the front end of the deck and speak with the Shaman, who’s now on the boat.

Speak to her about everything. Go into the passenger section of the boat and walk down the stairs in the back corner.

It’s a little dark down here but click on the door to the cargo hold to make sure the Ostriches and Youkol have found their place.

Walk around to the side of the ship with the stairs leading to the port. Sarah will call out to you. Her grandfather has not returned. The Shaman will give you a Shaman’s Beverage.

Head into town and take a left, the way to the Steiner shop. Continue past the shop and follow the road all the way to the end. The gate at the end of the road should be open. Follow it through and take a look at the cart.

Release the block under the wheel and Kate will grab the Wedge. Pick up the other Wedge and Small Wedge on the ground also.

Come back inside the gate and walk up the steps to the top. Look at the door of the house on the corner. You’ll need to run around the fencing to the left to get close to the door.

This house has the controls to the rail car up to the clinic. You won’t be able to open the door so look closely at the door, pan to the right and look through the window at the controls. Now look down at the bottom of the door. Click to look closer at the bottom of the door.

Use the Small Wedge under the door and then a Wedge next to it. Grab the Small Wedge and use it under the door on the other side. Place the second Wedge next to the Small Wedge and remove the Small Wedge. The door should look like this.

Now use the Small Wedge and place it on top of the larger Wedge on the right side. The door will fall off it’s hinges. Walk inside and take a look at the controls. There’s no power to get it working. Walk down the screen until the power box is in view. Have a look at it and use your Knife to jimmy it open. Pull the red lever to turn the power on.

Go back to the controls and pull the lever on the right to bring the rail car to the house. Go outside and enter into the rail car. Take a look at the controls and Kate will drive up to the Valsembor Hospital. Enjoy the cut-scene and music while you make your journey up the side of the mountain.

Valsembor Clinic

Enter through the gates to the clinic, walk through the yard and enter into the building. You won’t be able to take on the guards so click on ‘back’. Enter through the door behind you to head outside again.

Take a look at the helicopter. Run around to the back of the helicopter and enter. Look in the trunk at the back and move things around until you find the Walkie-Talkie. Leave the chopper.

Now head back into the clinic. Use the Walkie-Talkie on the guards at the reception. Use option ‘2’ to trick the guards into thinking Kate is in a different location.

Walk to the left and enter into the back hall. You’ll be called over by Dr. Zamiatine. After the talk leave the room and enter into the other room across the other side of the hall. Kurk is here.

Take a look at Kurk and try to talk to him. Take a look at the clipboard on the side of his chair and take the Paperclip.

Rotate the view around and have a look at the back of the chair. Click on the back panel to open it. Use the Paperclip on the gears to stop the mechanism working.

Rotate the view around to the needle. Click on the head of the syringe to open it and flush out the chemical. Open the top of the syringe and use the Shaman’s Beverage. Click on the lever to the right to inject Kurk with the liquid and wake Kurk up.

Kurk is still restrained in the chair. Click on them and he’ll tell you where there controls are. Rotate the camera around to the right and open the panel at the base of his chair.

Enter in 4 random numbers and then Kate will ask Kurk if he knows the code. Click back to end the conversation. Take a look at the desk and pick up Olga’s Statuette and the Note from Dr. Mangoling. Open your inventory and read the note.

Go back to Kurk and look at the control once more. Use Olga’s Statuette on the control panel to smash it. Kurk will be freed.

Run out of the room. You’ll be intercepted by the Colonel. Enjoy the cut-scene of the escape down the mountain. As you board the Krystal Sarah will give you her Scarf.

Trip To Baranour

After the cut-scene talk to Captain Obo and tell him drinking at the helm isn’t a good idea. The Krystal will get stuck on the ice. The Captain tells you to go to the machine room and to start up the breakers.

Walk down the stairs to the passenger area. Head towards the double doors at the back but don’t go outside. Instead walk down the stairs on the right side to the machine room. Take a look at the console.

Turn the wheel anti-clockwise as far as you can to connect the pipe to the gears. Press the red button to get the machine started. Pull the central lever down. Move the gear stick to change gears. You want the breaker to be revving so that the gauge above the gear stick is pointing to the green area. Move it to 1, then 3 and then back to 2. The breaker should settle within the green area. The Krystal will get moving again but the beast will awaken!

Walk down to the passenger area. Before going outside pick up the Handmade Matches that one of the Youkols dropped on the floor.

Take a closer look at the row of seats behind where you picked up the matches. Pull out the trunk and search inside for an Emergency Flare. Walk out the double doors at the back.

After saving Kate, the Captain will tell you to turn off all the lights. Ask him ‘how’ and he’ll tell you to break them all. Head over to the right and pick up the Crowbar.

Click on the base of the large lights that are shining out to sea and Kate will lower them and break the bulbs inside. Do a lap around the ship, breaking all of the large lights. One of the lights on the other side of the ship is too high for Kate to smash so you’ll need to push the crate up towards it to stand on before you can break the bulb.

Once the only light left on the ship is the one in front of the beast then open your inventory and use the Emergency Flare on the light to distract the beast. You can then smash the last light bulb and the monster will leave the ship alone.

It’s not over yet! The beast comes back. Head down to the machine room again and walk up to the platform in front of the engine. Pull the lever on the wall to the far right to turn the motors off.

Head out to the rear of the ship and click on the mast. The monster is still grabbing onto the ship. Walk over to the right and tell the Captain that it didn’t work.

Enter through the double doors again and head up to the Captains area just below the bridge. Take a look at the floor below the bookshelf and search the book to find the Extra Strong Vodka.

Walk down to the machine room and then take the stairs down to the right to the cargo area where the Ostriches are staying. Go towards the Youkol and then take a closer look at the desk.

Pick up the Gas Lamp. Unfortunately it’s empty. Open your inventory and use the Extra Strong Vodka on the lamp and then use the Handmade Matches on the lamp to get it lit. Pick it up and take it out to Captain Obo.

Watch the cut-scene and then get ready for the next section. The Krystal was knocked off course and will arrive at Baranour Park.

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