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Sword Fight

The pirate hunter Morgan Le Flay has finally caught up with Guybrush and cuts off his poxed hand. She was hired by De Singe to bring the hand back to him. During the sword fight you’ll move to various locations around the ship. If you miss doing something you’ll come back around to it.

Talk to Morgan twice until you move closer to the railing with the hand and the hook. Take the Hook. Talk to Morgan again and you’ll move to the bridge. Use the hook on the cable to the mast.

Click on the rope holding the barrel o’fish. Talk to Morgan until you’re back on the bridge. Use the wheel to tilt the ship. Talk to Morgan until you’re back by the railing. Shoo the seagull away and it steals a fish from the barrel. The barrel falls and Morgan is sent flying.

Click on the map and set sail for Jerkbait Island.

Spinner Cay

Spinner Cay is the largest of the Jerkbait islands and is inhabited by Merfolk. Walk to the right, look at the raft and speak to the Vacaylian. You’ll see Elaine as you walk up towards the Royal Chamber. Talk to her about everything and she’ll give you her Diamond Ring.

Walk up to the Royal Chamber and speak to the Chieftain, LeChuck and Elaine. You’ll learn about the three golden artifacts, the Turtle, Horse and Fish. Elaine will give you a Transit Pass. The controls on the hot tub appear to be broken. Remember that for later.

Walk back down and look at the fish statue. Take the Fish Eye from the statue. Take the middle walkway to the library. Speak to the librarian to find out DeCava used to borrow a lot of books. There’s nothing of interest you can borrow at the moment so go back and take the walkway to the right.

Speak to Anemone at the Bait and Repair shop. She wants coupons for bait. Take the Bucket from the floor and head back down. Now that you have a Transit Pass talk to Anemone by the raft and use the raft.

Spoon Isle

When you get on shore you’ll see two pirates arguing about where to bury the Seahorse Artifact. Try to get them to “Settle” their argument and then suggest they have a “Staring contest”. While they’re staring at each other distract them with the “look behind you” dialogue. Quickly put the Pyrite Parrot in the open chest. When the pirates look back they’ll take the chest away and bury it.

Brillig Island

Get back on the raft and sail to Brillig Island in the top right of the map. Walk a little further onto the island and Guybrush will dig up the treasure chest. Inside you’ll find the Seahorse Artifact and Pyrite Parrot. Take notice of the rubber palm tree.

Spoon Isle

Take the raft back to Spoon Isle. Enter the jungle and go right to the fishing well. Take the Fish Egg Bait Coupon from the side of the well. Go up and then left to see a BBQ type structure. Take a look at it and then go back to the jungle entrance.

From the entrance to left, up, up and left. You’ll see LeChuck trying to figure out a puzzle. Take the Oyster Bait Coupon from the ground and talk to LeChuck. He has the stick for the ancient tool but no pearl. Go back to the raft and sail it to Spinner Cay.

Spinner Cay

Go to the Bait and Repair ship and give Anemone the coupons. You’ll get the Oyster and the Fish Eggs. Combine the Oyster with the Hook in your inventory to get a Pearl. Take the raft back to Spoon Isle.

Spoon Isle

From the jungle entrance to left, up, up and left. Give the pearl to LeChuck. Tell him to use the pearl on the claw thingy. Then to use the merfolk key on the clamshell lock. Use your Ancient Tool on the other clamshell lock. The chest/alter by the cliff will open.

Take the Prying Tool on the altar and try to pry out the Turtle Artifact. Guybrush isn’t strong enough to break it free so give the Prying Tool to LeChuck and he’ll grab the turtle. After an altercation with McGullicutty and his men you’ll end up at the bottom of the cliff.

Take the Prying Tool and look at the turtle stand. It has the indent of a turtle. Walk to the right and you’ll see LeChuck running for help. He gives you the Turtle Artifact.

Go back to the raft and set sail for Roe Island.

Roe Island

Look inside De Cava’s shack and examine all the objects. Place the Locket in the hole on the Manatee. Click on the Manatee and the mouth will open. Blank Paper will come out of its mouth. Pick it up and examine it in your inventory.

Combine the Fish Eye with the Eye of the Manatee in your inventory. You’ll make a magnifying glass. Combine the Fish Eye of the Manatee with the Blank Paper to see “101 Fish Jokes” written on the paper. Take the raft back to Spinner Cay.

Spinner Cay

Go to the library and borrow the book 101 Fish Jokes. Open it to find a Worm Bait Coupon. Go to the Bait & Repair shop and give the coupon for the Glowy Bait. Take the raft to Spoon Isle.

Spoon Isle

Go to the jungle entrance and take a right to the fishing well. Use the Glowy Bait on your Hook in the inventory. Guybrush will fish out the Fish Artifact. At that moment McGillicutty’s ship will form a blockade around Spinner Cay.

The Blockade

Back on Spinner Cay go to the library and help push the stone off Elaine. She tells you the plan and then runs off. Use the Bucket on the hot coals to spoon them into the bucket. Walk up to the Royal Chamber and take the Controls from the front of the hot tub.

Take the raft to Spoon Isle and enter the jungle. Go right and then up to see LeChuck fighting with the sailors. If LeChuck had a turtle then maybe they would take it and leave him alone.

Walk left to the BBQ and place the Bucket o’Coals in the opening. Put the Controls on the front and turn it to hot. Put the Pyrite Parrot on top of the hot plate. It will melt and pour out into a bowl.

Take the bowl and quickly go left, up and left to the top of the cliff. Pour the melted pyrite over the edge. If it hardens you’ll have to go back and do it again. Go down, down, down and left to the altar. Use the Prying Tool to take the Pyrite Turtle Artifact from the mold.

Go right, up, up, right and right, back to LeChuck. give him the Pyrite Turtle Artifact and the pirates will beat him up and steal the fake artifact. You’ll tell LeChuck about Elaine’s plans.

Take the raft and sail it to the blockade on the south side. You’ll sail between the two ships. The captains will get distracted by Elaine. Continue sailing out past the blockade to the Narwhal.

Confronting McGillicutty

Sail to McGillicutty’s ship to the north. He has the Merqueen strung up. Insult McGillicutty and he’ll shoot a cannonball at your ship which hits and breaks the mast.

Sail to Brillig Island in the top right. Talk to the two pirates looking for the treasure and tell them it could be under the palm tree. They’ll dig under it. Push the palm tree so it falls all the way over.

Sail back to Spinner Cay in Jerkbait Island and go up to the Bait & Repair shop. Ask Anemone to repair the mast of your ship and you’ll tell her about the rubber palm tree.

Sail back to McGillicutty and talk to him again. Insult him again. This time he’ll shoot the cannon ball and it will bounce back to his ship, sinking it. Sail back to Jerkbait Island.

Summoning Artifact

After saving the Chieftain and defeating McGillicutty you’ll be back at Spinner Cay. The Merqueen will give you back the Pyrite Parrot and then uses the 3 artifacts to form the Summoning Artifact. She tells you the summoning words.

Walk to the end of the dock and use the Summoning Artifact on the ocean. You’ll take the Narwhal out to see and follow the summoned beasties.

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