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The Voodoo Lady will use the cards to give you an rundown on what has happened up until this point. Morgan rows you back to Flotsam Island where she hands you over to the Marquis De Singe. A group of pirates rush up and use a voodoo summons to take you to court where you’ll be charged with 4 crimes.

The Courthouse

  1. Harming Hemlock McGee’s cat during a bar fight
  2. Buring the thigh of Bosun K. Krebbs
  3. Selling a counterfeit doll to D’Oro
  4. Destroying the X mark of new pirate Killick Hardtack

The prosecutor is Stan from the previous games. Plead not guilty and choose to represent yourself. Read the court briefs and then speak to the judge. Ask to see the first witness, K. Hardtack.

Cross examine Hardtack and accuse him of lying a few times until he cracks. A mistrial is granted and hardtack is told to wear a wig as punishment. One down three to go.

Call the next witness to the stand, Bosun K. Krebbs. She’ll show the court the burns on her thigh and you’ll be given a Drawing of the scar. That’s all you can do here for now so talk to the judge and ask for a recess to confer with your client.

Gathering Evidence

Witness: K. Krebbs

Talk to Hardtack and ask to see your lawyer. Speak to yourself as your lawyer and when you’re done you’ll be released.

Walk to the right and enter Club 41. Take a look around and then talk to the barman/judge and Morgan. Look at the Blood Island Volcano sign behind the bar and you’ll order 6 shots. Guybrush will drink 5 of them and be left with a Blood Island Volcano Shot and 5 Empty Shot Glasses.

Walk down to the table and look at the melted wax. Use an Empty Shot Glass on the puddle of wax to get a Cup of Blue Hot Wax.

Exit the club and look at the lamp pole to the right of the seagull with the leak on it. Use an Empty Shot Glass on the leak to get a Cup of Yellow Hot Manatee Oil.

Walk to the left, past the courthouse, to the glassblower. Use an Empty Shot Glass on the puddle of molten glass to get a Cup of Clear Molten Glass. Use the Cup of Clear Molten Glass on the lamp and you’ll be given the Leg Lamp. It now has a burn mark on it.

Walk to the left and up to De Singe’s mansion. Use an Empty Shot Glass on the oozing fluid to the right and you’ll get a Cup of Red Mysterious Caustic Fluid.

Walk down to the dock and see the grease is still on fire. Use an Empty Shot Glass on the puddle of grease to get a Cup of Hot Grease.

Open your inventory and combine the various hot liquids with the leg lamp. You’ll be able to create different burn marks. To start over use the Cup of Clear Molten Glass.

To get the burn mark seen on the leg of K. Krebbs combine the Leg Lamp with the Cup of Red Caustic Fluid. Then combine the Leg Lamp with the Cup of Blue Hot Wax. The leg should have the burn mark in the color and shape of a violet jolly roger.

You can continue collecting evidence for the other cases or go back to court to sort this one out. If you go back to court ask to see the witness K. Krebbs. Show her the leg lamp with the burn mark and the case will be dismissed.

Witness: H. McGee

Walk to the right of the court and speak to Stan about everything. Ask to see his wares and ask about the beard toy. Stan will see that it’s leaking iron fillings and throw it away. Pick up the Beard Toy.

Walk to De Singe’s mansion and use your hook on the cage with the monkey. The Monkey will come out and be part of your inventory. Walk down to the docks and speak to Hemlock McGee. Ask him about the beast. If that option doesn’t come up go to Club 41 and take a look at the pictures around the room.

Use the Beard Toy on the cat food. Guybrush will pour some of the iron fillings into the food. Go back to court and speak to the witness H. McGee. Use the Monkey on the Cat and the cat will get magnetized to the monkey’s tail. The case will be dismissed.

Witness: J. D’Oro

D’Oro is in prison just to the right of the courthouse entrance. Speak to him through the bars and he’ll tell you that he wants a glass eye. Walk over to the glassblower and knock on the door. Ask for a Glass Eye and Crimdigit will give you one.

Enter court and call Guybrush as a witness. Ask yourself anything and the judge will get angry about you stalling. While the judge is in a poxed state use the Glass Eye on him. The eye will take on the color of the judge’s eyes. Leave court and give D’Oro the Glass Eye. He’ll give you a Map.

Enter court and call D’Oro as a witness. Show him the Map and the case will be dismissed. That’s it for the civil charges but the judge says there’s a list of criminal charges!

Elaine is called as a witness but smells another woman on Guybrush. She rushes off to find her. Guybrush gets put in jail and Hardtack goes off to find Elaine. He comes back and tells Guybrush to serve the voodoo summons himself.

Serve the Summons

Enter Club 41 and see the two ladies fighting on the bar. Pick up the scrap of paper on the table for the Phuzzy Nostrol Recipe.  Talk to K. Krebbs and ask her “Did it hurt?”. This will start an exchange and the two ladies will get jealous and jump down to the buffet table.

Walk up to the bar and give the Phuzzy Nostrol Recipe to the barkeeper. He’ll make the drink and the two ladies will jump back to the bar. Look at the icky puddle coming out of the bathroom. When Guybrush steps away a bit of paper will be stuck to his foot. Pick up the paper, a Tuna Colada Recipe. Take the Sack of Sugar which has no fallen to the floor. Talk to Krebbs again and the two ladies will move down to the buffet table.

Walk up to the bar and give the barkeep the Tuna Colada Recipe. As the barkeep is making it place the Voodoo Summons on the dart board. The ladies will move back up to the bar to fight. Talk to Elaine and say something like “Morgan’s bark is worse than her bite”. Elaine will strike at Morgan but miss and hit the summons on the dart board. She’ll be forced to walk back to the courthouse.

Back at court Elaine will be on the witness stand. Take the Esponja Grande from the table and try to use it on Elaine. It doesn’t work! Elaine runs off to hunt for treasure and LeChuck arrives and implicates himself and the Voodoo Lady.

Outside, the Voodoo Lady and LeChuck will be stuck in the prison cells. Talk to them about everything. The Voodoo Lady tells you that you need to feed the Esponja to make it bigger. There are 6 courses you need to prepare.

Feeding the Esponja Grande

These courses can be prepared in any order but you’ll need to combine them with the sponge in the right order, from Course 1 to Course 6.

Course 1  – Eyes

Talk to Stan about his jacket and souvenirs. He doesn’t want to give up his jacket. Walk to the left and you’ll see the Marquis De Singe running off towards the jungle. Enter his house to see Morgan run through with her sword. Have one last word with her and then look around the house. Use the hook to open the back room and Guybrush will find a Sack of Severed Legs.

Enter the jungle and go to the Voodoo Lady’s shack. It’s burnt down and D’Oro is standing there. Talk to him to find out what happened. Use the Leg Lamp on the fireflies. Go back to town and see Stan. The fireflies will get distracted by the giant Stan sign. Ask to see Stan’s toys and ask about the LeChuck Doll. The fireflies will get attracted to the light on the doll and then eat Stan’s jacket.

Pick up the Threads of Stan’s Jacket from the ground and combine them with the La Esponja Grande in your inventory.

Course 2 – Nose

Talk to Hemlock about the jungle beast if you haven’t already. He’s out by the docks. Enter the jungle and at the crossroads you’ll see Elaine having an altercation with De Singe. Look at the paper held by the skeleton to the left. It gives you a clue that fireflies must be used to track the beast.

You have a map of the jungle from the Voodoo Lady so use it if you get lost. Take the top path to the well. Use the Sack of Sugar on the well and fireflies will be attracted to it. Dip the Severed Leg in the sugar water.

Walk down and to the right to the stone altar. Place the sugared severed leg on the altar. Leave and come back. The severed leg will be gone but a trail of fireflies will be left in its place. Follow the fireflies to the left, left and up. They then take a trail across the grass. Click on the illuminated trail and Guybrush will find the beast.

Use the Leg Lamp on the jungle beast and then take the Lion Paw from its mouth. In your inventory combine the Lion Paw with the Esponja Grande for the second course.

Course 3 – Mouth

Enter Club 41 and read the sign at the right end of the bar. The barkeep will tell you about the challenge to lick the chili pepper for 11 seconds.

Leave and enter the mansion. Use the strange helmet on the ceiling and click the button on the left side. Guybrush’s tongue will go numb. Quickly run back to Club 41 and use your Hook on the chili. It must be your hook. If you use your hand you’ll get burnt and fail the challenge.

You’ll be given the Chili Pepper as your reward. Combine it with the Esponja Grande in your inventory for the third course.

Course 4 – Brain

Take a look at the map in your inventory. It can be folded in different ways. Fold it in this order, Top Right, Top Left, Bottom Right, Bottom Left. Now make your way to the three idols, first purple, then green and then red.

Once you’re at the red idol look at your map again. Fold it in this order, Top Right, Top Left and Bottom right. The path left of the red idol now goes to an unknown location. Walk to the left and you’ll see a chest. Use the Hook on the chest to open it and find a Tarot Card. Combine the Tarot Card with the Esponja Grande in your inventory for the fourth course.

Course 5 – Hand

Enter Club 41 and take a look at the rug at the entrance. Walk across it a few times until you see a charge has built up. When you leave you’ll get a large electric shock and fall down. This is the fifth course for the Esponja Grande.

Course 6 – Hear

When you exit the Club you’ll hear the wind machine. During the cutscene Elaine will get trapped in a clamshell and then Guybrush will arrive and also get trapped in a clamshell.

Try to through the Esponja Grande into the wind machine. It will hit the pyrite parrot and end up in the poxed hand on top of De Singe’s head.

Use the Sack of Sugar on the bucket of water to the left of guybrush. Fireflies will swarm to the water. Use the Chili Pepper on De Singe and Guybrush will poke him in the eye. He’ll use water to relieve the heat but then fireflies will eat his turban.

The poxed hand will end up pushing De Singe into the wind machine. Use Esponja Grande on the wind machine one final time and all the pirates will be cured. LeChuck arrives and causes mayhem.

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