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The Underworld

The Gateway

You begin the chapter at the Gateway in the underworld. Click on the large mound of dirt a few times and Guybrush will dig himself out. You’ll also get some Dirt in your inventory. You also have a Shred of Life.

Walk to the right and talk to the Ferryman. You need 2 Gold Coins to cross the river. Use the Dirt on the super clean boat and the Ferryman will get distracted cleaning it off. Quickly click on the tip jar to grab some cash. Walk to the left to the Grog Machine and insert the money into the machine and order a Grog.

Walk back to the Ferryman. Use the Dirt on the boat again and steal some more money. Insert it into the Grog machine but this time press on the Change button. You’ll get 2 Gold Coins. Give the gold coins to the Ferryman and he’ll take you across the river to the Crossroads.

The Crossroads

When you arrive at the Crossroads Galeb will take a photo of you and ask for payment. You don’t have any cash on you at the moment. Ask him about everything and he’ll tell you about the spell LeChuck used to get out of the underworld. Go back to the boat and a map will pop up. Click on the Sword Fighting Area.

Sword Fighting Area

Walk up to the second level and then climb up the mast to the top area where you’ll find Morgan with a headless swordsman. Morgan is depressed so you’ll need to fight her to cheer her up.

Take the Sword from the head of the swordsman and use it to challenge Morgan. Instead of criticizing her like you normally do in a Monkey Island swordfight you want to encourage her. The responses aren’t too hard to figure out but if you get it wrong just challenge her again.

After encouraging Morgan she’ll defeat the swordsman who will leave. Morgan becomes the new guardian. Return to the boat and sail across to the Treasure Hunting Area.

Treasure Hunting Area

Look at the sign. Look at the skull and crossbones and a bone will fall off. Pick up the Bone and go back to the boat. Head back to the Gateway.

The Gateway

Walk down the path near to the grog machine to find the dog. Give the bone to the Dog and he’ll end up in your inventory. Before you leave take the Tip Jar with all the Money. Take the boat to the Thief Den.

Thief Den

Talk to the thief if you want and then pick up the LeChuck’s Sock to the right. You can try to steal something else from the thief if you want but he’ll discover it and steal it back.

Treasure Hunting Area

Walk out to the X marks and combine the Sock with the Dog in your inventory. The dog will run off and look for LeChuck’s treasure. Apparently it’s not here.

The Crossroads

The Dog will be confronting Galeb. Walk up to Galeb and give him money for the Spirit Photo. Show him the Sock and he’ll move away so the Dog can dig up the chest. Take the chest and bring it to the thief.

Thief Den

Show the chest to the thief and he’ll open it and steal the scroll inside while you’re talking to him. Distract the thief, use the Dog on the scrolls and then steal something else. The thief will catch you but the dog will get away. Go back to the Treasure Hunting Area.

Treasure Hunting Area

Guybrush will pick up the Dog again. Use the Dog on the ground full of Xs and he will dig up LeChuck’s Scroll. Read the scroll to find out how to prepare the spell. You need a Guide, Anchor, Courage and a Sacrifice.

Preparing the Spell

Talk to the treasure hunter and ask him to show you how it’s done. When he goes off to start digging take the Anchor.

The Crossroads

Walk to the center circle and place the Dog (guide), Grog (courage) and Anchor on the ground. You still need the sacrifice.

Sword Fighting Area

Talk to Morgan about the ingredients for the spell. Talk to her again and she will tell you she has an idea for the sacrifice. She’ll go back with you to the crossroads.

The Crossroads

Morgan will sacrifice her own Shred of Reputation and a rip is opened up. Morgan can’t go through it but Guybrush falls through as LeChuck is trying to open it from the other side.

Demon Pirate God LeChuck

LeChuck will draw power from the other side and become a demon pirate god. Once you can move again after the cutscene try to grab the Cutlass of Kaflu. Elaine will spray Guybrush with voodoo root beer and you’ll end up back in the underworld.

Morgan gives you a bit of encouragement when you return and the two of you work out some kind of plan. Rips have now opened up in different parts of the underworld and they will take you to different areas in the mortal world.

The Voodoo Lady’s Locket

You won’t be able to do anything without a body. Take the boat to the sword fighting area and the voodoo lady will talk to you in the form of crabs. Walk up to the second level and go through the rip to Club 41.

Guybrush’s body is here and it’s being used to hold the dart board! Talk to Grindstump and Bugeye and then exit through the rip again.

Take the boat to the Gateway and talk to Galeb. Enter through the rip to Winslow’s raft. Talk to him about everything and then jump over the side of the raft. Under the water walk to the right and talk to Anemone hiding in the cave. She’s in love with Winslow but is too afraid to come out.

Swim back up to the raft and tell Winslow about Anemone. He’ll write a haiku for her and drop it over the edge. Swim down to the cave and let Anemone know about the poem. She’ll swim out and then quickly back in again. This will cause a current and the locket which is attached to the seaweed will sway to the left and right. Click on the giant clam and walk away from it. It will release a bubble the releases the locket and it will float up to the raft.

Winslow will put the locket on the crossbar of the mast. Put the Spirit Photo on the locket and then ask Winslow to press the locket button. You’ll be back in your body in Club 41. When Grindstump and Bugeye approach you tell them that you “Surrender” and they’ll take you to jail.

While you’re in jail look at the back wall to find Bugeye’s Diary. Read it and take a look around if you have time. Within a few seconds you’ll be taken back to the raft with Winslow.

Binding to Guybrush’s Body

Go back to the sword fighting area and go through the rip to Club 41. Talk to BugEye and let him know you found his diary by asking him how he got out of the Manatee. Ask him if he “slipped out with the tongue”, and if he “rode a mer-person to Flotsam”. He asks if you’re mocking him. Duplicate his facial expression by using the Stinky, Tweaking, Meany expression.

BugEye loses his temper and punches Guybrush but goes straight through and hits Grindstump instead. Grindstump takes him to jail. Go through the rip. Go to the Gateway and go through the rip to Winslow’s raft. Ask him to press the locket again.

In Club 41 immediately surrender and you’ll be taken to the other jail cell. Quickly take the Mug. You can look at the other items in the cell if you have time. You’ll soon end up back on the raft.

Go back to the sword fighting area and go through the rip. Talk to Grindstump and make a face at him as he’s throwing a dart. He’ll miss and hit the barrel of grog. It will leak out and fill the mug in Guybrush’s hand. Go back through the rip and go the Gateway. Take the rip back to the raft.

Ask Winslow to press the locket. Surrender and you’ll be in jail. Use the Mug of Root Beer on the gum by the window. Guybrush will chew some of it and his spirit will bind to his body. Look at the poster on the wall and go through the hole.

Diet of the Senses (Reversal Spell)

You’ll confront LeChuck but be pushed back into the underworld. Return to the Gateway and talk to Galeb. He knows a lot about spells and shows you the reversal spell. You’ll need to apply each of the courses directly to the sponge.

First Sense – Sight

Go to the sword fighting area and through the rip to Club 41. Take the Blindfold at the right side of the bar. LeChuck might show up to push you back through the rip.

Second Sense – Sound

Go to the Gateway and go through the rip. Dive overboard and pick up the Fish Net at the bottom. Swim back up to the raft. Pick up the Deodorant and then go back through the rip.

Go to the treasure hunting area and dig for treasure. You’ll find tiny pyrite parrots. They fly over to the sign. Use the Fish Net on the tiny Pyrite Parrots to catch them. Combine the Pyrite Parrots with the Tip Jar in your inventory to put them in the jar.

Third Sense – Touch

You should still be at the treasure hunting area. Go through the rip to a place in the jungle. Talk to the Voodoo Lady in the form of a dead seagull. Take the Feather from the ground.

Use the Hook to open the chest and inside you’ll find LeChuck’s Buckle which can be used to make someone trust you. Go back through the rip.

Fourth Sense – Sixth Sense

Take the boat to the Thief Den. Use the Buckle on the thief and he’ll trust you. Take the Secret Box and he’ll let you keep it. When you leave this area open your inventory and you’ll notice that the thief stole the Buckle.

Fifth Sense – Smell

You should already have the deodorant from Winslow’s raft.

Sixth Sense – Taste

Go to the sword fighting area and go through the rip to Club 41. Surrender and be put in jail. This time take the Gum Stalactite from the roof. Leave through the hole and you’ll come out the bathroom in Club 41. Go through the rip and then take the boat to the Crossroads.

Final Fight

Use all the ingredients on the sponge. It doesn’t matter what order. You need the Blindfold, Pyrite Parrots in a Jar, Feather, Secret Box, Deodorant and Gum Stalactite. The sponge will shrink and you’ll fall down to LeChuck’s ship.

The final fight has a sequence of events that you can repeat if you’re not fast enough. LeChuck will continue bullying you and punching you around to different areas of the ship.

Starting in the crows nest use the Hook on the main sail and you’ll slide down. If you wait long enough LeChuck will punch you down. Talk to Elaine and tell her to “Fight LeChuck”.

LeChuck will tie you to a rope and keelhaul you. While you’re under the boat click on the Keys held by the skeleton to grab them. Back on the ship LeChuck will punch you up to the crow’s nest. Wait for LeChuck to punch you down to the deck.

Use the Keys on the locked gate and the barrels of grog will roll out. LeChuck will keelhaul you again and then punch you into a door. The door gets loosened. Click on the door and Guybrush will put it on top of the barrel to make a seesaw.

When LeChuck punches you up to the crow’s nest use the Hook on the rope. Guybrush will swing over to another part of the ship. LeChuck will punch you down to the deck. This time ask Elaine to light up the cannon. Click on the seesaw and LeChuck will land on the other side, launching you up to the cannon.

If the cannon is lit you’ll be sent through the rip in the sky. Use the Shred of Life on the rip as LeChuck is trying to get through and you’ll lock him in. Enjoy the final cutscene and ending credits. Wait for the credits to end for a final cutscene with the Voodoo Lady.

Congratulations on completing Tales of Monkey Island!