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After the Voodoo Lady recounts the story up until now you’ll find yourself inside a giant Manatee. Morgan has been knocked out cold and is lying on the ground by Winslow. Walk to the right to see Coronado DeCava in a little hut. Talk to him about everything and then give him the Locket.

When DeCava presses the Arrow Button in the center the Voodoo Lady will take over DeCava’s body. She warns you not to tell DeCava about anything. When DeCava comes back he’ll go into a rage that you had his locket. You’ll need to convince him that Morgan is your wife.

The Wife

Walk back to Morgan and Winslow and talk to Winslow. He’ll give you advice on how to bring Morgan back. First click on her wrist to check her pulse. You’ll see a Gus tattoo and she’ll mumble something about Jugbender.

Click on Morgan’s Sword to disarm her. Dante Dragotta is written on the blade. Morgan will mumble something about Gomez.

Click on Morgan’s feet to lift them up and help with circulation. Her assassin’s ledger will fall out. Look at it to see a payment list.

Morgan is still unconscious so Winslow recommends smelling salts. Walk behind the ship and climb up the plank. Climb up the mast and you’ll be in the ear canal of the Manatee. Take the Stinky Earwax and notice the missing cochlea. Climb back down and use the Stinky Earwax on Morgan. She wakes up and you’ll convince her to act as your wife.

DeCava will question the both of you to see if you’re telling the truth. Answer that you met and work and had your first date sailing. DeCava when then question you both individually.

When DeCava asks you a question you’ll have the chance to review the knowledge you gained while helping Morgan.

Who trained Morgan in combat? Dante Dragotta.
Name of first love? Gustavo.
Greatest idol? Guybrush.
Morgan’s first ship? The Knave of Toro.
Favorite pet? Gomez.
Death of Uncle…? Jugbender.

DeCava will only ask you 3 questions before being convinced. Ask him about the sacred mating ground and his lost crew. He’s also making a new cochlea for the manatee and wants you to find grubs.

The Lost Crew

Once you fall down you’ll be in a lower area with the lost crew. Moose is the one drinking ichor at the bar. His buddy is Santino the skeleton. Noogie is the bongo player. When he plays faster the bile in the Manatee raises. Pick up the Grub crawling along the floor.

Walk down the ramp and talk to Bugeye. New members are voted in and must be accepted by all other members. Ask Bugeye for his vote and he’ll challenge you to a face off. He makes a face which you can copy but to win you’ll need to come up with something creative.

Morgan will throw away your autographed picture in disgust. Pick up the Photo and talk to Noogie, Moose and Morgan again. This time say “ARRR” to each of them and they’ll give you a new expression.

Walk down the ramp and go left to see a pile of treasure. Use the Hook to open the chest and find Murray. Take a look at the painting. It’s covered in muck so you can’t see it yet. Look at the figurehead of the shipwreck to get a new expression.

The 3 protuberances will take you to different sections of this area. The top one is blocked. Take the protuberance or walk back up to Moose at the bar. Have a drink with him and then use the sword on the Santino skeleton. Have another drink and place Murray on the skeleton instead.

Joining the Crew

Noogies Vote

Walk up the ramp to DeCava’s hut and give him the Grub. DeCava asks you for a drink and gives you a Mug. Walk to the right and exit to the belly. Go to Noogie and ask him for his vote. Tell him that you can get him a date with Morgan. He’ll give you the New Members Manual.

Walk over to Morgan and tell her about the plan. Tell her it’s a recon mission and give her the instructions to “slyly interrogate him”, “test his grip”, and “check for weapons”. They’ll have their “date”. Talk to Noogie to find out the date went great and he promises to give you his vote.

Moose/Santino’s Vote

Ask Noogie to play something more up-tempo. The bile in the pool rises. Quickly use the protuberance to end up on the lower level. Walk to the pool of yellow bile and use your Mug on it to get a Mug o’bile.

Use the Mug o’bile on the picture to clean it up. Look at it for a new expression. Use the Mug o’bile on the top protuberance to clear it out. Jump through the protuberance to be at a small island. Open the iron monkey and take the Torture Manual. Combine the Torture Manual and the Members Manual in your inventory. Guybrush will swap covers.

Go back through the protuberance and speak to Murray on the Santino skeleton. Give him the Torture Manual with the New Members cover and he’ll agree to give you his vote.

Bugeye’s Vote

Talk to Noogie again and get him to play something faster. Go through the protuberance again and file up your Mug o’bile. This time head back to DeCava. He doesn’t want yellow bile so you’ll need to disguise it. Wait for him to put his Monocular on the table and pick it up.

Combine the Monocular with the Fish Eye lens in your inventory. Give the Monocular to DeCava. Give him the drink and he’ll make a weird expression when he drinks it.

Walk back down to Bugeye and challenge him to a face off. You should have all the expressions by now. Make sure you pull a different face from him each time. After the second round Bugeye will pull a really strange face. Guybrush will get angry with the pox and win the match.

Ask for a vote and you’ll be voted into the Brotherhood. Your job as the newest member is to look after the Cochlea.

Escape the Manatee

When you go back to the ship Winslow will call out to you that he received a threat. Guybrush notices a biscuit on the ground and takes the Seahorse Head. Climb up the mast to the ear of the Manatee and place the Cochlea on the wounded spot.

The crew are not happy about Guybrush giving the Cochlea back and start chasing him around. Yell out to Morgan and restore her sword privileges. Morgan deals with the crew and then DeCava gives you the Manatee Lax so you can escape.

Manatee Mating Grounds

DeCava pushes Guybrush overboard to check on the giant Manatee. When you sink down to the bottom walk over to the treasure chest and open it. Inside you’ll find a Golden Wrench.

Walk to the right and meet the giant female manatee. Walk back to the left until you can exit back up to the boat. To bring the female out of her cave you’ll need to both understand and speak Manatee.

Talk to DeCava to find out that Santino was the only one who could understand Manatee. A scientist on Flotsam taught him the language. One of the crew has the tongue of the manatee for speaking manatee but he can’t remember which one.

Learning the Language

Walk up to the helm and look at the locket on top of the barrel. Press on the arrow in the center. The Voodoo Lady will take over DeCava’s body briefly. Use the Golden Wrench on the locket and Guybrush will turn the arrow around. Press on the arrow again and this time DeCava will take over the Voodoo Lady’s body.

Place the Photo over DeCava’s photo and press the arrow. You’ll enter the body of the Voodoo Lady. You can’t stand up but you do have the cards to work with.

Click on the instructions to the top right to find out how the cards work.  There are three things you need to do, call De Singe, hex De Singe, and return Guybrush to his body. Each time you are done placing the cards ring the bell.

Call De Singe – Fracture card on the actor slot, Journey card on the action slot and Curse card on the target slot. Ring the bell.

Hex De Singe – Journey, Curse and Fracture. Ring the bell. De Singe will bring back the Giant Manatee in 12 Easy Steps. Read it to learn Manatee.

Return to Guybrush – Journey, Fracture and Curse. Ring the bell and you’ll be back at the ship.

Speak Manatee

Open the file trunk on the bridge and look at the files on all the crew. Take note of Noogie’s greatest fear, his sister, and look at her facial expression.

Go down to the crew and speak to Bugeye. After a bit of persuasion he breaks and tells you he doesn’t know where the Tongue of the Manatee is located.

Speak to Noogie and use the “ARRR” dialogue. Make the same face as his sister, Stinky, Cross-Eyed, Geezer. He’ll break and tell you he doesn’t know where the tongue is.

Lastly speak to Moose. He won’t break so threaten Santino. Talk to Morgan for her advice and borrow her sword. Use the sword on Murray and he’ll be knocked back into the ocean. Moose breaks and tells you the tongue, Jimbo, was left inside the manatee.

Pick up the Fish behind the crew and jump into the ocean. Walk to the giant Manatee to the left and use the Seahorse head on it. You’ll be swallowed. Go to the bongos and use the flopping fish on them so they continue to play. Use the protuberance to get quickly to the lower part and take the Tongue of the Manatee from the bile. Use the Manatee Lax on the bile to get out.

Courting a Manatee

Use the Tongue of the Manatee on the Giant Manatee to talk to him. He’s trying to get a date but is scared of the Giant Female Manatee. Tell him you’ll help him talk to her and you’ll both swim off to the cave.

Depending on what the female manatee says you’ll need to respond appropriately. There are 5 categories each with 6 responses in them. Sometimes you multiple responses will work.

Dialogue Responses

Q: Would you like me to dye the ocean depths with your blood?
A: Courtesies – No, Thank you.
Emergencies – Is that blood or ketchup?

Q: I’m not going to let some lummox buy my love with clever words.
A: Money & Customs – Do you accept traveler cheques?
Money & Customs – How much is it?

Q: Let’s say I let you keep you pathetic life and I take a swim with you. Where will we go?
A: Getting Around – I’d like to visit the aquarium.
Hotel & Restaurants – I would like a room for three nights.

Q: You’re not nervous are you?
A: Emergencies – Where’s the bathroom.

Q: What will you say when I rip off your head?
A: Emergencies – Stop, thief!

Q: I don’t want anyone with a lot of baggage.
A: Money & Customs – I have nothing to declare.

Q: All you males are imbeciles. Why do I even bother?
A: Hotel & Restaurants – The television doesn’t work.

Q: The mating ground is as dead as my victims. You males are a bunch of cold fish.
A: Hotel & Restaurants – I prefer hot and spicy.

Q: Watch where you swim. Nobody knows the way to my heart.
A: Getting Around – Do you have a map?

Q: You know what I say after I devour your bloody heart?
A: Hotel & Restaurants – The meal was excellent.

Q: You think you’re clever don’t you? You should know I detest know-it-alls.
A: Courtesy – I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

She will only ask a few questions so once you get through the dialogue she’ll agree to go for a swim with the male manatee. Enter the cave and you’ll take the Le Esponja. Guybrush will be cured.


Back on the ship you’ll be caught and put in a cage with Morgan in a cage beside you. Give Morgan her sword. Click on the rope above your own cage and it will lower. Talk to Morgan and ask her if she can reach the rope above your cage. She’ll swipe at the rope with her sword and Guybrush will be free.

DeCava sails back when he realizes that the sponge was left on the Narwhal. Click on the mast and DeCava will fire a shot at the mast. Then use the Seahorse Head on the cannon and Guybrush will fire it over to their ship. After a few seconds the giant Manatee will rise up and swallow DeCava’s ship.

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