UnravelThis Unravel walkthrough will take you through all of the levels while getting all of the achievements and secrets. The game features a small character called Yarny who overcomes obstacles by using his thread in unique ways. There are 12 levels to explore and dozens of secrets to find.

Unravel is a physics based game. The first level will give you a bit of a tutorial on how to play the game, how to tie knots, hook objects and pull and push. You’ll need to find more yarn along the way because Yarny will soon run out if you leave it too long. The walkthrough below will show you all location of extra yarn so you can complete each level.

Unravel Walkthrough

Chapter 1: Thistle and Weeds

Chapter 2: The Sea

Chapter 3: Berry Mire

Chapter 4: Mountain Trek

Chapter 5: Off the Rails

Chapter 6: Down in a Hole

Chapter 7: How Much is Enough

Chapter 8: The Letter

Chapter 9: Winter Sun

Chapter 10: Rust

Chapter 11: Last Leaf

Chapter 12: Renewed


Unravel is a puzzle-platformer designed by Coldwood Interactive and published by Electronic Arts. Unravel received a positive reception upon its release in February 2016 and is available for the PS4, XBox One and the PC.

Coldwood Interactive is an independent developer based in the northern part of Sweden. Unravel is their latest and probably most popular game to date. It’s received review scores ranging from 70% to 80% from review websites.